Cheating Tom

Cheating Tom from Crazy Labs is a unique game wherein you must help Tom cheat his way in school. This isn’t something you should try in real life, but now you can do so from the safety of your mobile. If you’re tired of the usual games you play, then this is something you can check out.

Disney Villains Challenge Free Edition

Disney Villains Challenge is one of Disney’s latest releases, and it offers plenty for gamers, kids and the young at heart. There are free and paid version versions, but the free one has plenty to offer and will keep you and the kids happy, as there’s a bit of something for everyone here.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff sees your favorite animated series Family Guy on iOS and Android, and if you love the show you won’t be disappointed with the game. And even if you don’t watch the show on a regular basis, you’ll still enjoy this game from Tinyco for the humor and engaging gameplay.

Amateur Surgeon 3

Amateur Surgeon 3 from Adult Swim, unlike its predecessors, is free to play, and gives you the opportunity to play doctor. Unlike in real life, you don’t need to spend a fortune or years studying medicine to perform an operation here. Best of all, you get to use all the tools you’d expect from a bona fide doctor like chainsaws, vacuums and a lighter among others.

Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing from publisher Gamenauts is fish slashing game. While it has some stuff in common with other fruit slashing games, it has some elements that make it a unique game, and there are a lot of exciting features that make it worth a download. Yes there are many ninja slicing and dicing games around but this is pretty good.

Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is the official game tie-in for Ice Age. Created by top developer Gameloft, it is an adventure game for everyone. While primarily designed to promote Ice Age, its actually pretty cool. The game takes place at the onset of the Ice Age (keeping in line with the films). This leads to the breakup of the continent of Pangaea. This situation means you have to find new homes for the characters (the same as those in the films).

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios is an addictive game based on a simple premise; slice and chop fruit. The game is set against a wood background and there you will chop all kinds of fruits. These are hurled into the air, and you have to slice them. It sounds so simple but it is fun and youll definitely want to keep going. The controls are simple. Slide your finger on the display to cut a fruit before it vanishes from view. If you hit a bomb instead of a fruit, youre out. If three fruits pass by the screen without being cut, you lose. Thats basically all there is to it.

Unpleasant Horse

Occasionally, we crave for games that we can enjoy playing without breaking too much of a sweat or frying too many brain cells at one time. Unpleasant Horse easily fits into this category. Although it initially got into the "bad graces" of Apple the first time around, it seems they had a change of heart and agreed to release the game. What made it so controversial you ask? Well, not quite sure. They must have found a cute little evil pony/horse wrecking havoc and killing all the other ponies a bit offensive. The game is from 4th & Battery, the edgier, more experimental division of your favorite wholesome gaming guru, Popcap.