creative commons compilation

NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 – Free Compilation Album

NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 is another compilation album that indie music enthusiasts should check out. The NetLabel Coalition (NLC) is composed of netlabels that are promoting and celebrating free music with enthusiasts around the world. They hang out in forums hosted by The Creative UnCommons. This album has some really good tracks for lovers of gutsy electronic music, as well as for those who enjoy quiet ambient sounds for introspection and relaxation.

Music From All Around The World – A Pop Compilation from Phlow Magazine is an online magazine about free & legal music released under Creative Commons, so as you might imagine - we love it! From time to time the magazine contributors compile a compilation of CC licensed music for the fans to enjoy and this time they concentrated on Pop. It's a very chilled, funky and easy to listen group of songs that everyone, regardless of musical preferences, can appreciate. Pop Music Compilation | Our Phlow Compilation "Music From All Around The World" is prove, that you find wonderful creative commons pop music. It's prove that free has nothing to do with low quality or geeky dark ambient. On top of all "Music From All Around The World" shows that the worldwide creative commons music scene offers more and more compatible music be played out loud on the radio. We at Phlow believe that 2010 creative commons music will please more and more music lovers who love songs, vocals and pop in general.

The Silent Ballet Volume XV – compilation album from The Lost Children netlabel

Just a short time ago The Lost Children netlabel and The Silent Ballet released their XIV installment of the compilation series. Now they are ready with number XV and they don't disappoint again. The compilation contains 12 strong electronic, ambient, post-rock tracks - some even with a hint of metal. It's not really a relaxing album, but you will get a nice variety of moods - anything from laud drum filled Hiérophante to calm and airy Turn Tail.

Be Shareful – Cologne Commons 3rd Compilation

There is "sharefulness" in the music biz again as Cologne Commons has released "Be Shareful," its third compilation of ambient music featuring electro-folk chillout sounds. The first and second Cologne Commons music compilations were well-received by music enthusiasts around the world, which makes this third issue a much awaited follow up. As in the past editions, this compilation is named after Cologne City in Germany, where a festival for free music is held every year.

Flawless Hustle presents “Stay Flawless”

FrostClick is no stranger to the music of Flawless Hustle since we reviewed their last compilation "Money Isn't Real" last October. Now they've released another adventurous album with the poignant name "Stay Flawless". With 28 monstrous tracks, this is a heavyweight musical entree that will satiate the appetites of hip-hop lovers who are always on the hunt for the new and unknown.

netwaves 4.20: what the funk! – compilation from NetWaves weekly radio show

NetWaves is a Dutch weekly radio show/podcast digging into the best in free & legal music licensed under Creative Commons licenses. The podcast specializes in electronic music all kinds, from deep house over electro to indietronic. This weeks' release is the first not to contain the Dutch dialog in between the songs and presents the tracks in the play list format giving it a sort of weekly "best off netlabels" compilation feel which we love!