1.200Unique and appealing music – that’s what we simply want to find as we dive into an ocean of music collection found in the internet.

B├ęz├Ęd’h gives us just that with their album Les Illumin├ęs. With 13 tracks fusing rock, celtic, drums and violins all rolled into one, this album is surely one of those which can leave your head bobbing.

Oh, and did we say that they also got interesting male vocals with classical strings?

Released in May 2007, Les Illumin├ęs which means “The Illuminations” in French, has a lot of interesting melodies in its tracks. When you hear them play for the first time, they have a distinct sound which utilizes violin mixed with rock. The album itself is a great alternative to the usual noisy and heavy rock tunes nowadays, as well as the pop and mainstream rock.


Violins and guitars, with great drums in the background truly catch B├ęz├Ęd’h’s listeners. If you are fond of playing various free MMORPGs, you might say that some of their instrumental cuts would work perfect with such games.

B├ęz├Ęd’h is composed of Marcel on the electro-acoustic guitar, Philippe on the guitar, Christoo on the drums, Eric on the bass, flute and the choirs, and Veronique on the violin.

There are a lot of interesting cuts in the album. There are some more relaxed rock tracks, and the more heavily inspired by celtic sounds in some. Les Amis d’All has a great violin opening which would probably make you feel like dancing, while d’trop gives you those exceptional drum beats.

If you’re looking for a unique album, then Les Illumin├ęs might just be the one you’re looking for.

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