creative commons music

Curious – The Intimate Stranger

German alternative goth band promises a good haunting. For many people, The Cure was the "be all and end all" of the Gothic rock scene. Curious, however, aims to make their own mark in the genre. Almost by foresight, Curious initially traversed their musical dreams by becoming a cover band of The Cure. Although they subsequently created their own music, it doesn't take a genius to see where their influence came from. The Intimate Stranger includes 10 tracks that powerfully channels The Cure during their Disintegration days.

The Rest – Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour

Dreamy Canadian youngsters that strike a chord in the world of indie rock. To say that indie rock has never sounded so good, is an understatement with The Rest. Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour is a great compilation of 11 fresh tracks that resonate with twangy guitars, intermittent piano, sometimes painful screaming and sometimes sweet vocals. The Rest certainly showcases one of the best albums in the indie world. Their follow up album Everyone All at Once is out now. But if you want to get to know the band a bit better, start with this album first.

Schilli-San – Smooth Situations

It's Saturday night, and you're feeling a bit too adult to go out clubbing until dawn, but way too young to stay at home and do nothing. Smooth Situations is the perfect kind of music for a weekend full of adventures and secrets - it has a laid-back groove that invites you into its mystery, without giving too much away. This is great news for people who like dance music, without necessarily wanting to dance all the time.

Cherrycoke “Acoustique” – simple & timeless acoustic guitar album

Melancholic music with sweeping guitars that induce a melodic reverie. Apart from a Myspace site and a Jamendo page as well as the fact that he's from France, there is hardly any information on Cherrycoke and his music. Acoustique creates dreamy and melancholic bliss that engages every acoustic lover out there. Music like this can be described as transcending the language barrier. Its simplicity is actually its beauty and its appeal. By not having any complex guitar work and essentially just "sticking to the basics," Cherrycoke creates appealing music that works.

The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees

Surreal acoustic folk pop that reminds you of being completely lost in the woods yet feeling happy. Groningen based group The Black Atlantic has finally released a full length album in follow up to their Send This Home EP. Released back in August 2009, Reverence for Fallen Trees has been receiving praises and great reviews left and right. Recorded and created in a log cabin somewhere in the Adirondack mountains, the album is a dreamy, fragile and sweet acoustic folk pop that makes sweeps you from your feet. All 10 tracks are crafted to embody harmonious vocals, sweet strumming and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Perhaps one of the most intriguing bands of the recent months, The Black Atlantic has certainly released an instant favorite with Reverence for Fallen Trees. The album title is a metaphor for "honor the dead" which was used in reference to the van der Velde's grandfolks who passed away in the year before the release of this album.

Pulse by Elle Lefant – Indiefolk Pop with Wicked Vocals

Catchy indie folk pop with solid vocals. With the artsy name, you can almost swear that this band hails from New York and no other place. Well, they are from New York, but that's Poughkeepsie NOT Brooklyn. This mini album from Elle Lefant is a gem and showcases how this band needs to be taken seriously even if they don't really take themselves too seriously. Pulse has four tracks that are catchy and builds great melodies with powerful vocals. A concoction of strings, synth beats, and various knick knacks makes this EP worth a listen.

The Walt – Something We Did Not Have

Solid indie pop rock band that incorporates shouty vocals with dancy rhythm. The Walt is the product of former band We vs. Death, Kismet and Dawn of Awakening. Something we did not have is their latest EP and a mixture of loud indie punk rock sound that gets anybody up and about. Something we did not have is the quartet's first EP after playing for 4 years together. Recorded under indie label, Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck, all 5 tracks are available for free download under a creative commons license. If you are into plenty of head bobbing and loud indie/punk rock, take a listen and enjoy.

X A Free Techno Compilation Album from Phlow Magazine

X A Free Techno Compilation, is brought to us by Techno Blast | Phlow in cooperation with DJ Meeting. This is their first (and free) creative commons techno compilation. The compilation producers boast of a carefully designed selection that includes the best of the past and present indie artists. The tracks mostly came from different netlabels, but one track is exclusive to X . This track is from Sudio, who remixed "Sonic Impact" just to render more edge into this compilation.