free audio software

Livid Looper

Livid Looper from Livid Instruments is free audio software that makes it easy to use samples to create original music. With its easy to use interface you’ll have no trouble editing your sound and adding VST effects and plugins. Because it’s open source you can download not just the program but the code as well.


MusE is a free audio and MIDI sequencer for Linux. Developed by Werner Schweer and now handled by the MusE Team, it is a comprehensive audio program and has many features that you would normally find in an expensive digital audio workstation. It has many features for MIDI and audio sequencing and a host of new technologies are supported too.

Linux Multimedia Studio – a cross-platform digital music creator

Whether you are into house or alternative rock, making your own music sound professional definitely requires the right software. It's not like you just have to plug in a microphone and start singing, right? Every musician knows there is way more to it than that! If you need features allowing you total control over recording and mastering your tracks, then the Linux Multimedia Studio is for you. Equipped with powerful plug-ins and functions, you can record your music like a pro at the best price possible - FREE.