Livid Looper from Livid Instruments is free audio software that makes it easy to use samples to create original music. With its easy to use interface you’ll have no trouble editing your sound and adding VST effects and plugins. Because it’s open source you can download not just the program but the code as well.

Livid Looper has a full complement of features that simplify music creation from samples. It helps that the program is based on a powerful engine, and with it you can produce music from sound files. Plugins and effects are supported but it’s got numerous effects bundled, and its sample library is packed with guitars, synthesizer sounds, rhythms, special sound effects and more.


If that’s not enough, Livid Looper also offers you total control over the loops, and each one works in its own window and with its own special effects. Each of those windows can be used as a separate instrument and up to half a dozen samples can be loaded at the same time, and this allows you to switch between them for a cool bar cut.

Livid Looper has a lot of sound effects and tools, and there’s no shortage of dials and controls on the screen. With the equalizer and volume envelope, you’ll be able to hit your specific frequency range and gain simultaneously. Many functions in Livid Looper support drag and drop so adding filter effects is a cinch.

In other words, Livid Looper offers you a fun, free way to create music. Once your samples have been created, you just use the sequencers to arrange your music. It’s that easy.

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