MusE is a free audio and MIDI sequencer for Linux. Developed by Werner Schweer and now handled by the MusE Team, it is a comprehensive audio program and has many features that you would normally find in an expensive digital audio workstation. It has many features for MIDI and audio sequencing and a host of new technologies are supported too.

MusE offers real time playback so editing is very convenient. While it’s easy to edit sound files in the program, support for Midi export and importing is there too. As far as editing Midi files go, you get a drum editor, piano roll and a score editor among others. There is also support for synthesizer plugins, and among those included are Fluidsynth soundfont and Deicsonze FM synth.


The audio sequencing features are just as extensive with graphical editing, aux, group, wave and audio inputs and outputs. The plugin formats have been standardized for compatibility, and there’s drag and drop support for many functions such as arranging plugins, midi and audio files, aux outputs and more. In addition, MusE supports a wide range of technologies such as LASH, JACK audio, DSSI synth plugins and more. But for all its features, MusE isn’t that difficult to use.

MusE is one of the most comprehensive audio software for Linux, and the fact that it is under constant development is also a plus. If you’re looking for a sequencer this is a good choice, and if you are serious about music, this is something you’ll want to look at.

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