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MISERY: Misery

Spanish pop rock trio with sexy, girly vocals. Misery is full length self titled debut of the band with the same name. It's made up of 10 tracks that's essentially pop rock indie music. Misery, the album, was created as a way to showcase the different facets of the band's music. Although the awkward enunciation can become annoying in instances, there are several key tracks in the album that are pretty good. Vocals are sensual while the melodies and rhythm are pretty catchy.

Louis Lingg and the Bombs: Long live the anarchist revolutionairies!

With a long name and 27 rockin tracks, Louis Lingg and the Bombs certainly makes their statement heard. Louis Lingg and the Bombs is a French punk rock band that will make The Sex Pistols and other 70s style punk rockers beam proud. Long Live the Anarchist Revolutionairies! is the band's first full feature album. It compiles 27 upbeat, rockin' tracks that time warps listeners back into the height of punk rock music. The album is a fun way to spend a great Saturday evening, partying with friends.

Depressive Art: Bye Bye Dear Everything

Depressive Art makes music that's anything but depressive. Their name can be misleading since Depressive Art seems to have a knack for playing upbeat retro indie rock n'roll. This 6 piece band from Gothenburg can crank up the volume and liven up the atmosphere of any party you intent to throw. Bye Bye Dear Everything is the group's first album and comes with 10 powerful, danceable, rockin' tracks.

Circa Vitae’s self titled EP – a plethora of human experience in alternative rock

Not all music albums are created the same way; there are some which just pass by, and others which gets stuck in your media player and your head. And Circa Vitae certainly does a very good job with the latter. Circa Vitae EP contains eight tracks which are resemblant of pop, rock and electronic fused with indie flavor. Literally translated into "About Life," Circa Vitae definitely puts a lot of life factors and experiences in this music album.