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Lonely Planet Boy 1969: No Dream Is Good Dream

This Chinese rocker creates awesome music inspired by rock greats Neil Young, Syd Barrett, Tom Waits and Nick Cave, to name a few. Lonely Planet Boy 1969 creates melodic tracks that transcend time and space. No Dream Is Good Dream runs like a 1970s rock album, filled with moody atmosphere, shady, almost whispery, vocals and an awesome indie progressive feel. If there's anything this guy has learned from his influences, it's collating the good and ditching the bad. Each of the 9 tracks exhibit their own personalities; the good, the bad, the quirky and the plain eccentric. Clearly, if you love most of those artists mentioned above, chances are this compilation will become a surprising favorite.

The Shark Bubbles: Necktie Troublespot

Call it noise rock, psychedelic electronic dance pop or indie spacerock, whatever it is, Necktie Troublespot by The Shark Bubbles is, well, something else. This German band's music has been likened to those of great rockers The Velvet Underground, and it's not just the Nico-esque female vocals we're talking about. Necktie Troublespot is an eclectic album filled with uncharacteristic song arrangements, diverse instrument work and music that appeals to your senses.

The State Lottery: Cities We’re Not From

If straight up punk rock is what you like, you'll enjoy The State Lottery's Cities We're Not From. Fusing together the basic elements of punk with their own musical ethos, this album creates an exciting brand of matured punk rock. The tracks deal with growing up, experiencing new things and eventually moving on. From a traditional punk sound to melodic emo punk, the compilation easily makes these songs worth downloading.

Exceptional Edward: Lost at Sea

It's not Ben Gibbard! Exceptional Edward's vocalist does sound a lot like him though. And even though their first debut album, Lost at Sea, may not be released under Deathcab's name, it certainly sounds promising. Lost at Sea from Exceptional Edward was released some time in 2008. Serving as their full length debut, after releasing, The Exceptional EP. The album is filled with swelling acoustic rhythms infused with poppy, sweet vocals.

Noon by Gareth Dickson – Creative Commons Music – ONE SONG :(

Scotland-born Gareth Dickson is a talented guitarist who has toured with Vashti Bunyan to lend his excellent guitar artistry to her concerts. He has also worked with brilliant artists Juana Molina and Max Richter, and performed in magnificent venues all over the world. Gareth’s music is influenced by Aphex Twin and Brian Eno as by acoustic guitarists such as Bert Jansch and Nick Drake.

Fresh Body Shop: Draw The Circle

Draw The Circle is the latest album from Fresh Body Shop, the same French artist that gave us the impressive “The Ugly Army.” Fresh Body Shop still rocks and maintains its funky sound that is such a treat even to those who are rather ambivalent about indie rock. There are five tracks in this album, all of which features commendable lyrics and excellent rhythm. However, while the songs are great and really pleasant to the ears, the mix could use a little more improvement so the instruments would not drown the otherwise great vocals.

I Am This: Spinning Into Control

Spinning Into Control by I Am This is a tightly-packed drum n' bass album. From fast beats to slow beats, and various electronica-techno breakbeats, this music album is surely packed with all those beats that can get you going from start to the end. This album features the popular track Sea of Something, garnering almost 1400 listens in Jamendo.

Triplexity’s ‘Between Light and Shadow’ – smooth, groovy & sultry nujazz

Triplexity's Between Light and Shadow is a nujazz album fused with different genres to offer a bit of something to everybody. It features 12 tracks of different kinds of lounge music ranging from oriental to breakbeat. Triplexity is the combination of the words 'Triplex' and 'Complexity', mainly because it is made up of three musicians from different countries and culture, giving their music a touch of each of their personalities.

The TenGooz “G-Strings” – a jazzy, funky, bossa play of strings

If you are searching for another laid-back album to add to your music collection, we are presenting you with G-Strings by TenGooz. Hailing from Japan, TenGooz features smooth and jazzy music with a band of musicians from all over the world. With a wide array of music fusions & a taste of bossa nova and saxophones, these smooth tracks from TenGooz's G-Strings are perfect companions for a quiet night and a champagne, or perhaps a lazy afternoon in a hammock right on the beach.