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Silver Rocket: Silver Rocket

Italian band Silver Rocket is making plenty of good noise in the indie music scene. Ever since releasing their five song self-titled EP last November 2010, the three-piece crew has been gaining plenty of interest. Creating a punk and alternative concoction that is catchy and enjoyable; this 26 minute EP is released under German netlabel, afmusic , and offered absolutely free. Enjoy a great blend of garage rock with heartstopping beats, dirty guitars and straight out rock and roll. You can grab the download here by hitting the Download Album link or the image. You can also get it from the afmusic website. It's not earth-shattering but it's certainly worth it.

Fall Walk Run: Throwing It All Away

One of my most favorite discovery this year, Fall Walk Run makes me want to run around and frolick in a beautiful sea of grass and flowers. Throwing It All Away is the debut EP for the duo. Made up of Lawrence Harvey and Stuart Eaves, this acoustic duo hails from Wolverhampton, England. Their debut is a beautiful compilation of indie acoustic pop music that is catchy and easy to listen to. Inspired by artists like Jason Mraz, Ben Lee and Feist; the duo seems set in soaring high this year. With music this good, it's hard not to think they might just make it.

Bryyn- Pink Noise

Changing names is quite common in the music business. Hence, it's no surprise that indie folk pop guru, Pinkle, decided to adopt his real name and drop the "Pinkle" moniker in full. He's known simply now as, Brynn. Taking up his real name as a moniker doesn't mean he's no longer creating lovely indie pop music. In fact, the artist still manages to churn out lovely and relaxing music that induces a surge of endorphins down your brain. Pink Noise is actually an older album. It was released back in the summer of 2008. Despite its age, it's still a wonderful compilation to check out.

Fresh Body Shop: Bring Me Down

Eight albums released online, three features here in Frostclick and the French boys from Fresh Body Shop are back with a brand new album. Of course, it's available for free download as well so you ladies and gents can still enjoy great music from this amazing electronic, alternative rock group. Following the footsteps of their 2010 release, Directors Cut; Bring Me Down is a 9 track compilation that's filled with the resident beats Fresh Body Shop has come to own over the years. There's still that resident Reznor-esque vocals; the pop electronic alternative sound and the super catchy melodies. Check out this new record by hitting the Download Album link.

Chris Skinner – Moscow Satellites

Moscow Satellites is a short 5-track compilation from Chris Skinner. This record is actually a concept album from the artist. It's the first set of tracks he's put together after his band 6point4 as well as Life Support ended in 2008. The record was initially released back in 2009. If you listen closely, you'll hear that John Mayer similarity. Of course, in my opinion, the tracks on this record have more of a personality to them. Besides, at least we won't have to swallow all of the unnecessary information about Mayer's love life. Anyway, Chris Skinner definitely knows how to create beautiful cuts that are not only filled with intriguing guitar work but also coupled with his heartfelt vocals. Give it a listen.

Farmertan: Brace for the Decline

These Connecticut natives are at it again. This time around, Farmertan, has brought their latest recording in tow, Brace for the Decline. Some of their previous albums include the alternative indie rock compilation, The Extended Play and the acoustic infused, The Softer Side, just to name a few. This 8 track compilation sees the boys doing what they do best; creating indie alternative rock tracks that feature upbeat tempos and nice beats. This record, like most of their releases, are available for free download under a creative commons license. Farmertan is made up of Paul Daddario on Vocals/Guitar; Mike Fitzgerald on Guitar/Vocals; Matt Galvin on Bass Guitar and Jim Plouffe on Drums.

Single Bullet Theory: SBT: 1977-1980

Single Bullet Theory is the punk band that should have made it big. Initially founded by Frank Daniel, Dennis Madigan and Michael Maurice Garrett; the trio have been playing music together since 1971. After a couple of years and several members later, they settled with the name, Single Bullet Theory. They play anything from fast paced, chanty songs to melodic beautiful rock ballads but their sound is mostly characterized by pop punk beats. They got as far as opening for Patti Smith and signing a deal under CBS Records. They also managed to release singles and were received quite good by the people. Unfortunately, CBS pulled the plug for promoting the group and most of the material they had never saw the light of day. Thankfully for us, it gets a second chance as a free download under a creative commons license. Pure genius art rock if you ask me.