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Them Hills: Rad Disguise

What’s it like to hear ‘demos’ that are as good as studio productions? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is the idea behind Rad Disguise, the latest release of the four-piece band Them Hills, whose name was a play on their town’s (Los Angeles) nickname, “The Hills”.

Joni Fatora: Blue Road

With the advent of sensitive singer-songwriter types, the all-important question “Who to follow?” seems harder and harder to answer as the days pass. But, to get you started, let us help you with that: Joni Fatora. The Connecticut-born songstress is poised to conquer air waves with her debut EP, Blue Road, and our picky ears are pretty much pointing to the positive route. (Yes, Joni’s our girl.)

Charlie Barclay: The Love You Give

Lots of new acoustic acts pass by our radars unnoticed, but not Charlie Barclay. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is hoping to make his mark in the music scene, and his debut EP The Love You Give is a good attempt on breaking in.

The Eastern Sea: Summer Tour Sampler

Admit it: you are a sucker for some good ‘ol indie rock. This time around, delivering the goods are last year’s breakout act, The Eastern Sea, whose second offering Plague has wiped out all doubts of their success.

Minor Motion: Ins & Doubts

By now, the formula for a perfect pop-rock tune has been perfected (so much) that every new one feels all too generic. This isn’t the case with Minor Motion, however, as they release their latest effort, Ins & Doubts, wherein they inject as much personality as they can to provide a new experience altogether.

Chapter: Four (White Heron Blues)

Folk music is definitely a treat, especially when it’s performed right, thanks to the band Chapter. A two-piece act consisting of British frontman Alexander Craker and his Belgian sidekick Thierry van Osselt, the two uphold their folk inclinations once again in their fourth offering, aptly titled Four or White Heron Blues.

Nail Salon: Radcity (7 Eleven)

So we’ve been searching lately for some unadulterated indie stuff, and the awesome band Nail Salon comes up. There are no adequate resources online regarding the band, other than well… their Bandcamp site, which is a shame since they sound undeniably unique. At this point, they should be ‘Googlable’ with all those greatness oozing! As of now though, what you have to take notice is their brilliant debut EP, entitled Radcity (7-Eleven).

ladada: ladada

Ever heard of a song that makes you go “ladada”? Try listening to the quirky stylings of ladada. As a project of Baby Josy (we wonder if that’s his real name), he presents his self-titled second effort ladada – a beautiful mess of everything positive, lively, and brimming with phosphorescence under the umbrella term “soda pop”.

New Lands: Melville

New Lands is a somewhat mysterious band/artist. Hardly anything about them is up online but one thing's for sure, the group has a knack for brooding and sometimes upbeat electro rock that'll convert listeners into fans. Melville is the latest offering from the artist. So far, they've released a total of three compilations, including a self-titled debut in 2006 and another record called, Distant in 2008. This 2010 compilation is actually composed of tracks recorded between 2007 and 2008. They might be a few years old but they've still got that special touch that's worth checking out.