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The All-About: Suburban Heart

Some of the best music probably stems from one’s reminiscences about his or her hometown, and Suburban Heart is no exception. In his latest project, Zac Coe – The All-About is his pseudonym – solely mans the boat, almost. Well, yeah, he’s enlisted some friends, but the nitty-gritty, such as the autoharp and the glockenspiel, are entirely his.

brightener: make real friends EP

So… you’ve been hounding FrostClick for some collegiate pop-rock. Well, here it is: Give brightener’s latest EP, make real friends, a spin. (The lowercased names were deliberately done, for some needed deviance, what else.) As the moniker of Will Sturgeon, the EP is the result of his post-college break – a vacation, if you will – attributing to the chill vibe of the four-track collection.

Tearjerker: Rare

ATTENTION: We’ve just uncovered a “rare” gem, and it’s Tearjerker’s acclaimed 2011 EP, Rare. The boys do what they do best – dream pop – and the results are just astounding. As it turns out, the collection became an experimental ground on every possible route ‘shoegaze’ can take; a mixtape of sorts, if you will.

Molly Parden: Le Premier

If you’re looking for a quick escape to a land of overflowing mush, Le Premier is your best bet. Nashville-based Molly Parden, who now has three EPs under her belt, kick-started her music career with this modest 4-track collection of guitar-driven ditties that can actually rival those overplayed Taylor Swift songs any day.

Josh Sizemore: The Wind

Get caught up in ‘the wind’, get caught up on Josh Sizemore‘s awesome debut. This 23-year-old Nashville prodigy’s taking a bite out of the folk scene, as he releases his EP, The Wind. Opening for the likes of Shovels & Rope, Brooke Waggoner, and War Jacket, Josh is now taking center stage, and his four-track offering simply dazzles.

Flowers: When You Lie (Cloudberry EP)

Do you like your own serving of indie music to be grungy? If that’s the case, then UK-based band Flowers is the right choice. Labeling their genre as “noisy pop”, Flowers’ debut EP “When You Lie (Cloudberry)” sounds like a louder version of Camera Obscura. Most likely, with much emphasis on the ‘obscura’ part.

Moon/Ruin: Ocean

Want to go on a permanent haze? Try giving Moon/Ruin‘s lone EP a spin. Fronted by songwriter Kale Ogle, who’s incidentally the only member of the band, the collection Ocean is a formidable bag of tunes that’s set to keep you going on those hot, lazy nights.