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Bit Laden: Tienes Sida (EP2)

Bit Laden is a Barcelona-based crew that specializes in creating funky electronic music with fun 8-bit elements. Made up of Joey Zeke Stolen on guitars, Gumbel - on "little buttons" and El�as Fraguas; the trio creates a set of cuts that introduces several elements. Tienes Sida (EP2) is quite short but it's enough to give listeners a good feel for the band's music. The EP contains four tracks that abound in electronica, arcade sounds and a whole mix of genres in the mix.

Chrome Sparks: Sparks EP

For dreamy soundscapes to perk up your mood, Sparks EP is a treasure trove. The man behind the sound is Ann Arbor, Michigan native, Jeremy Malvin or better known as Chrome Sparks. This young producer is just starting out but he’s already making waves. Sparks EP is his latest effort and comes with 6 electro/dance tracks brandishing the producer’s skill to make any sound smooth and lush.


Sonically astounding, Photocomfort is an artist that should be on top of any indie folk lover's radar. Bursting into the scene from out of nowhere, it's amazing that talent and music like this has been kept hidden for so long. Led by twenty-something, Justine Bowe and her friend, Mike Moschetto, this self-titled debut is far too short, luckily every inch of it is packed with the kind of music you can bring with you anywhere and play anytime without ever wanting anything else.

Chantilly: Up To the Moon EP

Armed with sweet and powerful vocals, Chantilly's Up To the Moon EP booms and crashes like the Brooklyn singer's sunny and quirky disposition. This is one of those compilations that automatically make you smile and feel elated even if you're listening to it the first time. Up To the Moon EP is a compilation of 5 self-written tracks. This is a first for the singer and it's easy to tell that that she definitely has something up her sleeve. Her vocals and witty lyrics echo of lost loves, memorable summer times and of course, a general self-reflection that can only come from the mind of a witty and fun loving girl.

The Local Traumatic: Demo

Although fairly new in the music scene, The Local Traumatic is steadily carving their name on the wall. With touches of indie pop and rock enveloping their sound, it's easy to get swept away by the punchy, easy listening tracks. The band hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and are made up of Julia Bullock-Vocals, Christian Spence-Guitar & Vocals, Matt McConomy-Bass and Joshua Thomas-Drums.

Herself: Shining Tree EP

Described as an apocalyptic folk lo-fi songwriter, Herself is a personal project for Italy-based musician, Gioele Valenti. With droning vocals, mellow acoustic strumming and a whole lot of melancholia, the Shining Tree EP is perfect for those who love their music dark and gritty. Much like listening to an indie folk version of Johnny Cash, the compilation features 4-tracks that revolve around a quiet tension. The tracks for the compilation were recorded in part from the singer's home as well as the studio.

Tan Yu Quan: The Caterpillar Sandwich

Sweet and charming. Those are the first two words you’ll probably think of when you hear this short but solid EP from Tan Yu Quan. Although not much is out there about the singer, he is from Singagpore and the charming EP is his first proper release. The entire four tracks were recorded from home and served simply as a personal project for the young musician. Despite being a home recording, the EP sounds quite polished and emanates with beautiful acoustic pop tracks throughout.

Narrow Sparrow: Synthworks

Although a bit bizarre when you first listen to it, Synthworks from Narrow Sparrow grows on you over time. This short compilation is only 4-tracks long but there's enough things to dissect and check out that makes it highly entertaining. Enveloped in a hazy, spacey sound, the background music are quite random but when the singing starts, it's easy to see its charm. Narrow Sparrow comes from Chicago and is made up of Ricky, Dina and Matt.

Amber Rubarth: Free EP

Amber Rubarth's music goes well with that morning cup of coffee as you stare out the window and enjoy the quiet morning. Thanks to this mesmerizing capacity, it's no surprise that Rubarth hailed by Deli Magazine as the Best of NYC Songwriter. Her songs spark a sense of pop adventure while also exploring the quaint charm of a girl in the big city. She's released several albums so far but this is the first free compilation she's put out. It's a collection of singles taken and compiled from every album she's released.