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Neon Hitch: Happy Neon

While everyone is waiting for Beg, Borrow, and Steal, it might be a good option to check out Happy Neon first. Neon Hitch, the self-proclaimed gypsy who’s slowly making waves in the hip-hop world as the new “it” collaborator, shows a soulful side via her new EP. She glides through existentialism in style, thanks to the eclectic harmonies by producer Happy Perez.

Petty Morals: The Cotton Candy Demo

Missed your dose of girl groups? Ready to fill you up is the six-piece band Petty Morals, whose name is derived from a quote by musician Keith Richards. “We do not share the values of the establishment. We are not old men. We are not worried about petty morals.“

Wild Kids: Love Matters

‘Love matters’ so much that it has driven Wild Kids to come up with a fun debut EP. The Winnipeg-based duo, composed of Devin Frezzi on vocals and percussion and Sid Bellinger on guitars and bass, recently released the pompous collection Love Matters, and it sounds like 80s pop set to dubstep.

Pilots in Orbit: Did You Grow Up Too Fast?

Heaps of college rock not enough for you? Let our distinguished pilots take you to orbit. Formed during February 2009 in New Jersey, Pilots in Orbit consists of lead singer/guitarist Sal Montalvo, bassist Andy Rivera, drummer Nikko Whitt, and guitarist/backup vocalist Adrian Amador. ‘Did You Grow Up Too Fast?’ is their debut EP effort.

Lili K: My Favorite Things

Want us to name some of our favourite things? Well, we got one: it’s Lili K.’s newest EP – My Favorite Things. 22-year-old Lili K. has been making waves in the Chicago music scene with her unique flair of music, which she wittily dubs as ‘neo-soul’. True to her word, her smooth vocals hearken to the days of Ashanti’s “Unfoolish”, fusing them with catchy hip-hop beats.

The Gorgeous Chans: Jaguar Club

Another band to hit the UK indie music scene is The Gorgeous Chans, and it looks like their fiesta beats are here to stay. After releasing two hit EPs last year, the 6-piece act returns with a 3-track collection – Jaguar Club – of fun, folk-infused, upbeat pop that might just take your playlists by storm.

Child Actor: Partner

If you think a union between R&B and electronica is impossible, then you might need to rewire your hearing. Fake Four Records’ new act, Child Actor, has come up with one of the most amazing R&B projects ever, and yes, it pertains to what I said above. Intermingling synth pop with rhythmic percussion beats, their debut EP Partner has set the stage on what was to become their trademark sound.

Pilot Rouge: Helen of Troy

Sometimes, all we want is a fitting return to the easy-to-listen pop rock, where we thank the Greek gods above for bands such as Pilot Rouge. Formed just this 2013, the three-member act, comprised of vocalist Kevin Terry, guitarist Max Welshinger, and keyboardist Allison Louise, pay homage to the mother of all chaos – Helen of Troy – as muse for their debut EP of the same name.