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I may not understand full sentences of Spanish but there's something about Deplasticoverde that's quite intriguing and special. Deplasticoverde is a special project spearheaded by Carolina Espinoza. A young Spanish artist that released her debut EP in 2010 under Ponk Records. Shaped by folk and pop influences, the album undulates with beautiful acoustic guitars and sweet singing from the artist. Her songs are simple but they abound with meaningful vocals and some spunky attitude which is enough to make you want to listen even if you have no clue what she's singing about.

Kopecky Family Band: Embraces EP

A "family" since 2007, the Kopecky Family Band is a beautiful gathering of 5 boys and 1 girl who sing melodic indie pop rock that will certainly put you in a good and relaxing mood. The band hails from Nashville, TN and evolved after plenty of late nights sharing and talking about dreams. Since their formation, the group has performed for several big ticket events such as CMJ, SXSW and Bonnaroo. This is the first out of three EPs the six-piece have released so far. This one is a couple of years old but it retains that same quiet beauty that most listeners will surely fall for.

Dominique: The First

If you need some relaxing music for one of those lazy days, you'll enjoy having Dominique in your player. This mini-EP might be a bit short but it showcases enough to show you the artists' jazzy style and gorgeous talent. Despite being fairly new and young, Dominique has managed to release several singles and compilations in this year alone. On her BandCamp page, she's released two EPs and one single. She has The First and Stay Informed as well as the single, The Shadows.

J.E.L.L.i. EP – A diverse indie/hardrock EP fused with a playfull twist

Sometimes, you find yourself thinking that most Rock-inspired artists are humorless, noisy, and full of grudge. Well, true, but itís very comforting to find out that there are few artists that may have attached their music to Hard Rock, but still knows how to be playful and witty. J.E.L.L.i. released his self-titled EP last September 9, 2009. This album is packed with 5 tracks that will blow your world. Featured tracks in this EP may be inspired of Rock origins. Licensed under Creative Commons, this EP is one amazing project that can either push or pull your emotions.