So we’ve been searching lately for some unadulterated indie stuff, and the awesome band Nail Salon comes up.

There are no adequate resources online regarding the band, other than well… their Bandcamp site, which is a shame since they sound undeniably unique. At this point, they should be ‘Googlable’ with all those greatness oozing! As of now though, what you have to take notice is their brilliant debut EP, entitled Radcity (7-Eleven).

The boys pull off a faux trip-hop affair with “Tape Deckz“, whose heavy use of the organ and synth beats make for perfect companions on their nostalgia of the better days – the adolescent years.

We can’t really decipher what the deal is with “Pepsiz“, other than it’s leaning into indie pop territory (you know, Ellie Goulding). The dreamy break down towards the end is even amazing; this is one gem better left for headphone listening. The same is the case with “Sick Dayz“, a Maroon 5-like jam a la “Overexposed” that’s perfect for those long car rides.

Nail Salon (band)

Gangz” and “Street Fighterz“, the two concluding tracks, are more electro-laden than the others, which are shaping up to be the strongest entries here. The lyrics don’t exude much sense, but that’s what life is about – one hodgepodge of randomness.

We’ll leave it up to you to figure out their obsession with the zs, but that don’t affect this EP’s evident ingenuity.

Track listing:
1. Tape Deckz
2. Pepsiz
3. Sick Dayz
4. Gangz
5, Street Fighterz

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