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Fun indie pop rock that'll put a perfect cap to your summer. Chumming Around by Whalers is a feel good summer pop rock album that's definitely worth tripping to. Although the production quality is not that good, you can instantly tell just by listening to one track that these guys definitely have a gem up their sleeves. Hopefully, they'll take a cue and record a higher quality version and let us enjoy our last days of summer "chumming around."

MoOt: Demo

Brit pop music coming from a guy that sounds like a doppelganger for Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Demo from Moot is a straight pop album that sticks like gum on your shoes. No matter how much you scrape it off or try and get away from it, you know it's just there. That sticky feeling stays, for a very, very long time. Moot's Demo is a compilation of 6 tracks that follow the pop song formula. Basically, it comes with a verse, chorus, bridge and a catchy melody; all this running for about 3 minutes or so, leaving you no room to get sick or bored of it.

trustno1: Unless…

Expressive progressive rock that lulls you to 80s dreamland. Okay, if you are like me and you speak nada French, then you might have trouble looking for and understanding information about this band. One thing is for sure though, Trustno1 makes bands like The Cure proud. the groups 31st album release in Jamendo. It comes equipped with seven 80s inspired pop rock which extends to progressive mode once in awhile. It may not be the best there is on the genre, but it's certainly worth a listen.

Little Bribes: Little Bribes

Sweet voiced indie band in the same vein as Jack's Mannequin. Wisconsin natives, Little Bribes, is a perfect cookie cutter mold of some of the most popular indie bands today. With their sweet voiced vocals, reminiscent of Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate fame, plus the acoustic electronic touch just like Ben Gibbard's crew; it's hard not to fall for Little Bribes. The self titled debut album is packed with 11 indie pop tracks that makes for a great soundtrack to your everyday life. Although some songs could use professional quality recording, the album is pretty tight for an unsigned group.

Trick Seventeen: Spot On

Spot on punk pop rock sound from four German boys. It seems that Trick Seventeen were "spot on" in delivering their power pop/punk rock filled album. Spot On is the band's first album and from the looks of things, they are ready to release more. The release comes with 7 upbeat tracks that embody typical punk pop rock with a very slight tinge of emo somewhere in there. I guess, you can say they are a good cross between their favorite bands Blink 182 and Boys Like Girls.

Sébastien Gramond: It’s A Beautiful Death [2009]

Beautiful 70s style pop psychedelic jazz rock that your parents can relate to. It's A Beautiful Death is a compilation of 16 beautifully crafted tracks that echo the psychedelic 70s, and yes, it does somewhat trigger the same effect as how you would imagine it to be if you were on some illicit substance. Sebastien Gramond is a French multi-instrumentalist that certainly takes things to a higher level. His music is fun, enjoyable and easy to listen to no matter what type of music you're into.