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Need something to help you understand all those complicated math equations in a breeze? Octave can help you out in that department. If you think that MatLab is awesome and want a similar type of software minus the dent in your pocket, Octave is your man. The program is the open source version of the commercial math program, MatLab. Despite being offered absolutely free, Octave still manages to stand up to its expensive counterpart. It provides an easy way for you to solve linear and non-linear mathematical problems. The program also works together with its paid counterpart so using it is a breeze if you are already familiar with the former. Solving math problems has just become so much easier with this cool new program. Check it out.


In our busy schedules, it's not unlikely for us to forget something. Hence, many of us are always looking for ways to constantly be reminded of simple tasks, requests or work we need to do. Evernote can help to make things easier. It's a simple software that works on Mac, the iPhone or Ipad. This little software can help users capture notes, images or information using the computer, web or phone and make them easily accessible wherever they might go. With Evernote, it's easy to create to-do-lists, manage passwords, find particular images and so much more. It's a great software that's definitely handy especially for those looking to make their day more productive and convenient.


Okozo ensures that your desktop is never boring by livening it up with movement and interaction. Using this form of freeware, a user is able to embed interactive calendars and clocks onto their desktop, along with many other things that can be pulled from the net. Animations are flash based and unlike WMV based desktop animations, Okozo animations require minimal CPU usage and memory.

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy provides you with almost everything you need to grab and rip audio CDs and convert them into WAV or MP3 formats. One of the main strongpoints for the EAC is that it comes equipped with new technology, taking audio grabbing to a whole new level. You'll hardly encounter any errors when reading or grabbing audio CDs since the program easily works with practically any file type. You can even pop in damaged or scratched CDs and there's a good chance that EAC will read and grab it quite perfectly. The program was created by Andre Wiethoff, former student of Germany's University of Dortmund. He developed the program because he was simply "fed up" with other audio grabbers that were available in the market. EAC is offered as a free download so give it a go.


Taksi is a straightforward program that works great in capturing live video from different types of 3D games or any 3D application. It helps users compress file formats in real time and contains customizable keyboard shortcuts to help capturing much easier. Taksi is inspired from Fraps, which also works to capture 3D images from the computer screen. But the best thing about this program is that it is absolutely free; letting you enjoy it anytime.


Managing an e-book collection can become challenging, especially if you don't have an e-book reader or organizer. With Calibre, managing your e-book library has become so much easier. The program is easy to understand since it contains readable icons and the layout is very professional. Calibre is a great program to host your e-book library, making it easier to find a particular book and read them.


Transferring sensitive data from one computer to another can become a bit tricky but even more when you are not sure whether the data on the old computer can be completely wiped out or not. For instances like this, DataNoodlesLite can become a great option. This small program helps you safely delete any or all of your important files after transferring them to another computer or disposing of an old equipment. It is a great program that helps keep sensitive and personal information from getting into the wrong hands.

FrostWire for Android

The FrostWire team has worked long and hard to deliver the mobile version your favorite file sharing software to you. Now, they have finally taken the Beta off the software and introduced the application to the Android Market. FrostWire for Android is the first mobile application that allows you to search, browse and share files locally and over the Internet using your Wi-Fi connection in a P2P fashion.

PC Inspector File Recovery

Don't you just hate it when you accidentally delete your entire month's office report and you need to present it the next day in a company meeting? If this has happened to you then you would be glad to hear about PC Inspector File Recovery. This program is ideal in helping you retrieve important data or files that you or someone has accidentally deleted. The program is packed with tons of features that allow you to search for specific data. Moreover, it even works great on Vista even if it is specified to work with XP only.