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If you're like me and you just hate having to use small keyboards when typing messages on your smart phone or computer, then go ahead and give Speak-A-Message a try. Even though most of us are already adept and have no problems typing away in front of our little gadgets all day, there are those who prefer to just talk and record a message for one reason or another. With this nifty tool, it's easier to send voice messages or transcribe a spoken message into text and send it off as an email. It's a great piece of software to have if you have typing problems too. The program offers an unlimited home edition that features all the basic requirements you need.

System Ninja

Having a slow computer can be pretty annoying. This is especially true if you work fast and wish your programs would open at one click of a mouse. If you suspect that there's simply too much junk that's causing your system to move like molasses, then try out System Ninja. This nifty tool is designed to do a thorough sweep of your system; getting rid of all the unwanted junk you've accumulated from visiting and downloading various things onto your computer. Of course, it's features don't stop there, you can expect so much more from this little program apart from a simple cleanup.


Unlike most space shooters, Trapped is simply a tad bit confusing. The game doesn't just rely on you killing the enemy, you have to execute some special action before you can successfully eliminate them, protect your ship, and make a clean getaway. The game was created by Wiebo de Wit and was released just a couple of weeks ago. It's still currently being updated for any new bug fixes and other improvements that can be done. It's a cool shooter game though that's perfect when you're on break. Give it a quick download and see if you can crack this one.

Diagram Designer (Meesoft)

Looking for a quick and simple way to create diagrams or a flowchart? Diagram Designer is a helpful and free program that will make your life much easier. Although not that many of us might need a flowchart every single time, the program is especially helpful for individuals in business, teachers or even students. Designed by Michael Vinther, the program was released just recently and made available as a free download. The program is ideal for business presentations or even organizing your ideas if you prefer to have a visual accompaniment to your notes. Give the program a quick download. It's free and runs on Windows.

The Wager

The Wager is a new indie game developed by Peter Silk & Kieran Walsh. It was created as one of the entries for the Ludum Dare competition and was put together in an impressive 72 hours. The game has been winning quite a few positive responses since its release and the developers promise to work out the kinks in succeeding updates. It's currently available as a free download on their website. In it, you play an explorer who goes out into the world to explore and seek out various treasures. Your main objective is to earn as much money as possible. The more you earn, the bigger chance of you winning the game.

Technobabylon Part III

Technobabylon Part III is an interesting game and the third installment from the series. If you haven't heard of it yet, then let me give you a brief background. The game is set in a world where internet addicts, terrorists and conspiracies reign supreme. A bomber is on the loose and you play as a Doctor trying to piece together everything. This puzzle platformer is coupled with great writing and a very cool gameplay. With this third installment, developers are hoping to maintain the consistency between the other two games. Why not go ahead and give this one a go?


If you're an artist and you're looking for a program that will allow you to paint and create your artwork without any problems, then give MyPaint a try. This handy software was especially created with the painter in mind. Featuring a simple, bare bones layout and tons of brushes emulating specific types of media; the software ensures artists can easily get down to business without the hassle. It was made especially for digital painters in mind. The program is an open sourced project that's available for free download on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Rhythm Racer 2 HD

What do you get when you cross Guitar Hero with a racing game? You get Rhythm Racer 2! This fun and exciting game is just what you need to inject some entertainment on your mundane free time. The game plays like Guitar Hero in that you have to keep the song playing by hitting powerups and without getting bumped off course. It combines speed with accuracy and great music to boot. The game is available for download on the App Store and works on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. It was created by AvatarLabs and features a fast-paced gameplay as well as great graphics. Give the game a try. It should be worth the download.

Harbor Master HD

Harbor Master HD is a fun and very addictive game that will keep you busy for a good long time. It's a lot like Flight Control except this time you don't handle airplanes, you handle boats instead. Your job is to navigate the boats around a busy harbor so they can smoothly dock in and out of the space without running into each other. Created by Imangi Studios, LLC, the game is a cool take on being a dock master. It was first released in 2010 and already won raves from gamers. Although the game is offered for free, there are additional maps that you can purchase for a small fee. Nevertheless, the current free map is enough to keep you busy for awhile.