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Desktop Poems

Remember those days when you would sit in your kitchen, in front of your fridge and move around those word magnets to try and shape it into a phrase or a sentence? Well, if you miss being able to do that or you simply don't spend enough time in your kitchen anymore, then grab this cool software. Desktop Poems mimic how word fridge magnets used to work. You get a random bunch of words that you can move around and arrange any way you want. The software was developed by Fredrik Olsson and is currently available as a free download from the App Store. Check out the software right now.


A fun and quirky game, JellyCar has won its fair share of fans. Created by Walaber, the game puts you in control of a jelly car that will go through all the nooks and crannies until it sees the highly elusive stop sign. Thanks to its popularity, succeeding versions of the App has been developed including the latest one by Disney. Of course, the newer versions are available for a price so it's best if you give this free one a try first before shelling out the cash. The game combines beautiful graphics, responsive controls and very addictive gameplay to turn it into a complete winner. Try it out.


Need a good tracker for the different tasks or projects you need to get done? iProcrastinate is a helpful tool that might become your best friend. Let's face it, we all love to procrastinate at some point. Whether we simply hate organizing things that we're supposed to do or just like to put things off on purpose; this little program could help you sort things out. Developed by Craig Otis, iProcrastinate is available as a free download for the iPhone and Mac. It's a helpful organizer that's perfect for students, moms, or anybody who needs help getting things in their to-do list done.


Zwei-Stein might seem like the last name of a person, but instead it's actually a reliable and highly functional free video editing program. The program works great in editing but does feature a very technical interface so it's ideal for someone who doesn't get easily daunted by the onslaught of various windows and buttons in one screen. The program makes it easy for users to incorporate special effects to their videos and can easily work on two different media sources and render them at the same time. These are just two of the software's strengths. Pretty much, Zwei-Stein has plenty more up its sleeve when it comes to helping users with their video/image editing needs.


Most musicians need a reliable tablature reader or editor to help them out in creating their musical masterpieces. If you are one of those looking for a program like this, then take TuxGuitar for a spin. This nifty tool is perfect for aspiring musicians and even those that have already made a name for themselves. The program provides a good range of features including the capacity to work as a basic MIDI editor. It also allows its users to export and transpose files coming from different sources and formats. However, the biggest draw perhaps, is that it's offered absolutely free of charge. It's a cool program that might look complicated but is actually very easy to use. Hit the download link to get it right now.


For many people, TeamViewer needs no introduction. It's considered as one of the most efficient tool available for file or screen sharing. The program allows users to easily share their screens or provide remote access to colleages or friends. With the help of this software, it's easier to access a co-worker's computer if they need help fixing something on the computer. It's also possible to share your screen with a friend or pretty much anybody who has the program installed on their computer as well. The program was developed by GmbH, a German company that was founded in 2005. It's available for free download with Version 6 as the latest stable version available.

Lotsa Water

Fascinated by water or simply want a cool screensaver when your Mac is on standby? Check out Lotsa Water. This amazing screensaver gives you the illusion that your entire monitor is submerged underwater. You'll get that realistic looking ripple effect similar to when a raindrop falls on a water's surface. It's simply stunning. The screensaver works on Snow Leopard and requires a Mac OS X 10.3 or a much later version in order to work properly. It's definitely a cool screensaver that you can easily enjoy. Go ahead and grab it. It's available as a free download and will give your Mac an extra special look even when on standby.

The Legend of Edgar

If you are a fan of old school arcade games, then it's not hard to notice that The Legend of Edgar is heavily inspired by the iconic game, Legend of Zelda. It's not just the graphics that reflect the Nintendo title, but also the gameplay. The Legend of Edgar was created by Parallel Realities, same developer for Blob Wars which was featured here in Frostclick last August. It's the latest release from the crew. The game is an adventure platformer that lets you play as Edgar on a quest to find his father. Join our hero in this cool, freeware adventure game. Download the album in the developer's website or hit the Download Game link on the upper left.

MiniTool (Power Data Recovery)

Tired of crashing computers or accidentally losing files? Then hit up MiniTool Power Data Recovery software and say goodbye to lost-file problems once and for all. This powerful little freeware can easily find all of your lost files in an instant. Using the program doesn't require a technical background, in fact, almost anybody can go ahead and power it up. It provides easy to follow steps on how to recover files or data back. This nifty program keeps everything simple and logical that you won't even break a sweat trying to figure out which buttons to push. If you find yourself constantly losing files, this handy tool should be your best friend. Give it a download.