Joy Division

Tiger Bones: Go Over Here

Tiger Bones is a four piece self-described “weirdo surf rock band.” They might sound “weird” but they definitely know how to catch the listener’s attention. Go Over Here is the group’s debut compilation and it’s filled with hazy vocals, some funky 70s style rock and an overall great mood.

Bearstronaut: Satisfied Violence

Released last June 2011, Satisfied Violence would have served as the perfect summer album. Ideal for those hazy summer nights when all you want to do is throw a summer party at your backyard with friends. Unlike focusing on their indie rocker side like their previous releases, this time around the boys decided to step into the 80s new wave dance vibe. So far, it's proving that the clothes fit them better. The album is laced with great beats and lovely poppy vocals to get you groovin' and dancin' all night long.

To Disappear: Into E.P.

A rough, melodic, indie alternative rock album; this Intro E.P. by To Disappear certainly makes a statement. The band resonates with a Joy Division/ The Cure vibe that transports you back in time. Hailing from Canada, the group is composed of Ben Sharples, Xavier Martinez Galiana, Jeremy Royal, and Scott Barrow. All of the members shared a common love for 90s alternative rock and Morrissey-esque, melancholic pop and from there the band was born. Intro E.P. was recorded at a home studio and is the first official demo for the band. It's a beautiful mix of haunting vocals, shoegaze rock and pop melancholia.

The Transisters: Under Control

Solid rock base with an electronic twist. If there's one band I could compare The Transisters with, it would have to be another indie band called She Wants Revenge. Although plenty of Joy Division similarities is also enough to make you think twice. The Transisters crams new wave/hipster sound with electronic beats; creating excessively danceable, catchy tracks that still rock out. Under Control is the band's debut album and features 9 easily likable songs. They have had quite a background and have opened for indie big wigs like the Raveonettes and new wave band Kaiser Chiefs.