Ooh La La

Curly Jefferson and His Orchestra: Ooh La La!

The latest release from Curly Jefferson and His Orchestra perfectly blends the sounds from the old vinyl classics with the love of hip-hop, jazz, and downbeat. Available for a free download from the equally amazing Dedpop Netlabel, the album will certainly be a great addition to any music lover's library. One thing is for sure. Physicists at the Hong Kong University of Technology and Science might have proven that no machine will ever allow us to travel through time, however, what they did forget about is music - so sit back and enjoy the "Ooh La La!" ride into the smokey nightclubs of New York of the 1930s and 40s.

Ornery Little Darlings: Ooh La la

Ornery Little Darlings create sexy indie rock that they describe as "ďa highly improbable ornery-as-hell-love-child between Billie Holiday and Lou Reed." Although in places, it does sound like this, there are more elements to their songs than this. Made up of mainly Emmi Chen, Jason Ewers, and Paul Puschautz; the group's sound is characteristic of acoustic guitars, sultry female vocals and a 50/60s dirty rock vibe happening all over. It's one of those albums that make an impression after you hear the first track.