Cocolixe: Futuro EP

Cocolixe from Barcelona (Spain) knows how to melt American soul, 60's French pop and old Italian ballads into a minimal electro mini-pop mixture. This is a refreshing cool summer breeze for the lounge at the Mediterranean Sea. He's a composer and electronic alchemist, a restless investigator of the latest trends, and he knows how to delight the audience with his particular melting pot of techniques and styles. His first album brings us stuttering beats, looped voices and a wild mix of styles.

Medelia: Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines

Straight from the heart of Madrid, Spain comes a timeless sound of two beautifully intertwined vocal lines, mesmerizing melodies full of rich acoustic guitars, violin, keyboards, bass, added drums, and the magical softness that only comes with the best of indie music. Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines by Medelia is said to create a unique place somewhere halfway between the world of literature and the world of music. It started in the late 2009 as a project of Elia Medel and Pablo Maqueda who teamed up with Pablo Oliva (keyboards), José Luis Luna (bass), Luis de Diego (drums), and Heidi Buffington (violin) to bring us their very first, self-produced EP.