Hailing from Spain, producer Nivna (currently known as Esmé) is an electronic music producer focusing on R&B feels and chill grooves. With simple and clean production sounds, he keeps his sound smooth and his tempo slow. For his Dramatica EP, he reaches out to talented singers to add to the dynamic of the tracks. The vibes are clear in this album, and Nivna produces them well.

The first single on the EP is Hold Me Down. Nivna collaborates with Los Angeles-based singer Natalie Major on this song. He works a lot with her on this album. When you hear how much her voice complements his production style you will realize why. The bass and the keys in this track are so warm and Natalie’s voice sits so tightly with them. This song was featured by The XXX, which is thought of as the R&B branch of the Artist Intelligence Agency

The Prelude and Interlude set a dramatic theme to the album. In the Prelude we get a sense that something life-changing, or perhaps potentially life-ending is around the corner. The chilling moments are melted away by the vibes coming from the songs, although there are heavy moments in the lyrics. In the final track, Niae (featuring Paula Grande), there Is a definite sense of internal conflict that almost parallels the conflict set in the prelude; something life changing that you want to try and avoid but you know it’ll come regardless.

esme dramatica 2

Dramatica is a good blend of R&B and electronic music, and although he’s changed his name, Nivna still has that great sound. So be sure to check out his Soundcloud page and download the free album today.

Track List

  1. Prelude
  2. Hold me down (ft. Natalie Major)
  3. Essència (ft. Natalie Major)
  4. Interlude
  5. Undeniable (ft. Natalie Major)
  6. Niae (ft. Paula Grande)

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