The Cure

Deadwall: Four Songs

Despite having formed just a year ago, Deadwall is already winning great feedback for their sound. They're a UK, Leeds band that formed in early 2011. Their sound is familiar yet distinctive in their own right. The five-piece crew is made up of Thomas Gourley - vocals & guitars, Christopher Duffin - keyboards, Rob Simpson - guitars, Tom McCartney - bass & Guy Raimes - drums & percussion. After generating a string of successful shows, the boys managed to snag a sold out gig at the famed Leeds' 360 Club.

To Disappear: Into E.P.

A rough, melodic, indie alternative rock album; this Intro E.P. by To Disappear certainly makes a statement. The band resonates with a Joy Division/ The Cure vibe that transports you back in time. Hailing from Canada, the group is composed of Ben Sharples, Xavier Martinez Galiana, Jeremy Royal, and Scott Barrow. All of the members shared a common love for 90s alternative rock and Morrissey-esque, melancholic pop and from there the band was born. Intro E.P. was recorded at a home studio and is the first official demo for the band. It's a beautiful mix of haunting vocals, shoegaze rock and pop melancholia.

Plastic People: Pink Narcissus

Listening to Plastic People at first may seem weird. However, with the weird accent, folksy and gypsy 80s style sound, it's hard not to notice this band's unique sound. The group hails from France and are currently unsigned. Manned by Frenchman, Sèbastien Ficagna, who is basically the one-man crew of Plastic People. This sophomore album reflects a hipster indie 80s vibe throughout the record. The songs are danceable and easy to like even at first listen. To top it off, the vocals echo a Robert Smith feel which adds to the cool, retro sound. Great album to check out.

On Returning: Thieves Like Us

Sounds like feel good 80s indie pop music. If you're in for an occasional timewarp back to the era of big hair and leotards, then "Thieves Like Us" by On Returning can help you out. Thieves Like Us is composed of 8 pop alternative tracks that brings to mind New Order. Of course, it's not lost on us that the band has the same album title as a New Order song. Whether it's a straightforward nod or not, there's no doubt about the influence they retained in their music. Definitely an album worth time warping with.

trustno1: Unless…

Expressive progressive rock that lulls you to 80s dreamland. Okay, if you are like me and you speak nada French, then you might have trouble looking for and understanding information about this band. One thing is for sure though, Trustno1 makes bands like The Cure proud. the groups 31st album release in Jamendo. It comes equipped with seven 80s inspired pop rock which extends to progressive mode once in awhile. It may not be the best there is on the genre, but it's certainly worth a listen.