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To master the sound of a certain era is not an easy task to do, but Dumbo Gets Mad, a one man (with a occasional help of a girlfriend’s amazing voice) psychedelia project straight from Italy, is definitely on the right track.

Experimenting with old-fashioned tape machines and analog synthesizers, this solo act brings its unmatched psychedelic melodies and noises to keep you daydream of a sunny coast of California even on the worst of North’s winter days.

Dumbo Gets Mad first came to light in the summer of 2010 with the special release of his first two songs, Eclectic Prawn and Plumy Tale. The retro late 60s/early 1970s sounds of the two singles, which quickly became a feel good hit of the summer, were positively reviewed in nearly all of the blogosphere and are still making waves (be sure to also check out the real waves in an official music video for Plumy Tales, which comes together with a mesmerizing sound of organs, bass lines, drums, and a lush chorus to get lost in).

With inspiration taken from artists such as Flying Lotus, The United States of America, Radio Dept, Gonjasufi and Bibio the two successful hype tunes released just under the year ago have recently evolved into a ten track LP Elephants At The Door, which will be made available for download – today! As the artist believe that the value of people listening to and talking about his music is greater than money he is getting for it, the LP comes for free. Just remember to ‘pay back’ with a tweet.

And for all those loving the challenge Bad Panda Records, a one-year-old creative commons record label releasing the LP, will be holding a contest remix of one of it’s tracks. All the submitted remixes will be licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA and the lucky winner will receive 1 Elephants At The Door LP + 1 Bad Panda T-Shirt + the remix released on a Bad Panda Monday (a record label’s blog featuring one free song every Monday).

Ahhh yes. If you ever wandered about the name (which I absolutely adore) of this one-man band, well the official explanation sounds a little bit something like this:

Do you remember the great Pink Elephants on Parade, from the 1941 Disney masterpiece, in which Dumbo, after accidentally becoming intoxicated, see pink elephants sing, dance, and play trumpets during a hallucination sequence? Yes, Dumbo got mad!

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