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Following the successful release of Poet Tree featured here on FrostClick, Elemint is visiting our pages yet again. This time his work comes in the shape of 13 great hip hop tracks ready to tickle even the most refined of musical senses.

Freshly released Brain Food builds up on artist’s earlier albums by introducing a more diverse (and engaging) array of sounds, all while maintaining his carefully crafted lyrics and dynamic vocals that never disappoint. Listening to the LP guarantees the discovery of ‘playlist ready’ favorites so be sure to grab your very own copy today!

Brain Food is a rather unique collection of sounds. Starting off with a subtle touch of acoustic guitar followed by, reminiscent of traditional Mexican music, trumpets and a quick dive into the full frontal hip hop vocals, the Camouflaged Reflection is certainly a great sign of what’s yet to come. The diversity is further spiced up with tracks such as Biorennaisonic feat. Masa (also available as an extended instrumental version on Side B). Filled with powerful lyrics and sounds taking us straight back to the NYC nightclubs of 1930s and 1940s, the track could just become one of your instant favorites just like it became one of mine.
But outside of the sounds of violin, trumpets, and a more funky instrumental flavor of Modern Man, the LP comes full of beats ready to satisfy all of the true hip hop lovers out there.

The LP also features some great music from Brock Berrigan, Octopus Drummer, Maker, a special introduction of Nature (UK) and guests Masa and Certain Folk; all the more reasons for securing your own copy.

Being brought up in the area with “little to no music scene” Elemint set off on the journey to create his very own album. Born Fresh, recorded with producer and instrumentalist Jesse Cohn, might have sold only four copies in it’s first month, but the quickly spreading word about the powerful new debut sound have swiftly elevated it to the “Top 10” [Amazon MP3] status. To this day the artist does everything in his power not to disappoint his fans; releasing four consecutive “Top 10” hits and the rich Brain Food LP being made available as a free download here on FrostWire.

In the words of Elemint:
“…having real people like you listen to and share my music is the ultimate reward. Thank you.”

If you love the LP, head over to iTunes or the Amazon store to make a purchase, only if a track or two!

You can find more info about the release and all the lyrics on Elemint’s website. Enjoy!

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  • Dotnotdash

    BAD ASS ALBUM… if you can understand the lyrics the first time through….listen to it again if you dont you be blown away@

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  • Anonymous

    wow, it almost got 10,000 downloads since yesterday!

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  • Why wouldn’t it?!? This is my new ‘background chill tunes’ – everyone loves it, it’s mad beats even without the zombie reference! Who are Elemint? These guys!! XD

  • Anonymous

    Elemint is one guy (though he’s featuring other artists in the album), check him out on this youtube music 

  • i420247

    WOW!!!! Beneath the Mushroom is fucking sick when youre shrooming and listening to it

  • jean

    Why do you have to use a picture of a Pope eating a brain. You sick bastards.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not just the pope, it’s also being eaten by a guy in a suit, which could possibly represent a politician or a corporation.

    Religion, Politicians and Corporations want to melt your brain (in this case it’s being depicted as them eating your brains so you don’t think) so you can be controlled.

    Think for yourself and be free, be critic of what others tell you, specially religion, it’s 2011, we should no longer be controlled by millenary institutions that control people by scaring them with imaginary omnipotent sadistic figures, they cause divide, pain, war, and on top of that they ask for your money, if God exists, they should have the money problem figured out right?

    it’s an awesome cover in my opinion, I hadn’t paid much attention to it, I like this album even more now.

  • Arkansaslsu

    Religion isn’t trying to brainwash us, and neither are good politicians, you idiot. If you haven’t realized, politics is the study of how the world works and should work, and someone has to run the government. Yeah, of course there’s corruption in politics. Have you found anything with power that isn’t corrupt in some parts? No, you haven’t. Being free is what screws up politicians, and your idiotic freedom is what makes you hurtful. What brainwashing is religion giving us? So the Pope, head of the Catholic Church, teaches us to live by God teachings in the Bible, which are to care for others, don’t be jealous, be thankful for what’s yours, work hard, protect your family, and love your enemies even though they persecute you. You have a better creed? No, you’re an idiot who probably smokes anything that burns. DON’T CRITICIZE unless you have a better solution. All you solutions would fall terribly short, though, because you don’t have any. Be free haha…yeah right. You’re as free as a mosquito drowning in alcohol. You don’t know how the world should work. Go read a Bible and the paper, learn how to be a good person, and then criticize people like yourself. Good luck with your life.

  • Anonymous

    there’s no need to believe in religion or hate others. Look at how you talk, so full of hate and resent.

    nice trolling btw.

  • Arkansaslsu

    I don’t troll by the way, and I don’t hate anyone either. That picture is disguisting and hateful and VERY OFFENSIVE, and extremely ignorant. You think there’s no reason to believe in God? Yeah because you don’t believe he exists. And if I think he exists then what? Ignore that? No, that wouldn’t make sense. The only hate here is the picture and those who are okay with what it’s saying, which is mocking other people’s rights. Since the vast majority of the world believes in God, who are you or anyone to say that we’re all stupid?

    P.S. There’s more proof for God than there is against it by the way. Even Einstein believed in God.

  • Anonymous

    If he exists, it’s truly sad that he created something so amazing and walked away.

    The concept of “god” is just so insulting to the greatness of the universe. If anything I’d believe that god is the universe, and we are part of it, you and me are part of god, that would make a little more sense.

    The concept of thinking that there is a being out there that knows and can do everything is a very human way of trying to explain all this, a rather primitive way.

    Einstein mentioned god a lot, that doesn’t mean he really believed in it, you should read his bio it’s quite amazing btw. Most physicists don’t believe in god, the more you know about the universe the less you think of god in the way most people think of. To him, god was probably the laws of the universe.

    And the ultimate logic issue I have with the concept of god, is that even if he exist, then who created god? That’s why it’s so absurd. Wish people could be in my state of mind to understand it.

    Also the argument of not being to prove his existence or his/her inexistence is also a classic one, which I also refute by saying, “do I have to look for the proof of the existence of Santa Clause?” when we know Santa Claus is a ficticious character just like God.

    I used to be a god fearing man until the age of 25, it was truly liberating finally being able to accept reality and occupying my mind and deeds into other things. When your morality is not based out of fear (of sin, and hell, and god is watching, etc.) you feel a much better person because you know you are good out of your heart, out of what feels right, it tells me that we don’t need a boogey man anymore to scare the population of 2011 into behaving correctly.

    Religions have always been a mass control mechanism, it still works out a great deal in many countries, but the more educated they are, and the more that they can follow the rule of law the less that we need him.

    In all honesty, it’d actually be cool if there was a god, I wish there was a god, but I’ve come to realize that if you can consider the universe as a god, we’re the consciousness of god, we are the consciousness of the universe, we are able to marvel at all its glory and even to debate about what we are, isn’t that great?  We are the creators, and if you read about the things that the smartest scientists are working on (read “The Singularity is near” to be blown away and to start having major philosophical subjects going through your mind and marvel at how amazing we are and we’ll be) in 30 or 40 years from (taking away the possibility of a major world armed conflict) we’ll witness the start of how we will become gods. (In short, think what we’ll be able to achieve if we could enhance our intelligence a million fold, there’s no limits to what we could accomplish, starting from living forever in even better bodies [think hacking our DNA or just getting new bodies] up to colonizing the entire universe and making the entire universe conscious.

    There’s a lot of money and work being put into these things, it’s not science fiction. We can’t wait for the people that still believe in thousand year old myths to move us forward. We need to evolve.

  • Arkansaslsu

    You’ve got a good argument, I’ll say that, and I don’t think you’re completely wrong.

    For the argument for physicists not believing in God, I would say
    that is a good argument against their credibility. The amount of thought
    and time people give to studying and discussing religion are lower than
    ever. We know more stuff, but are we wiser? I would say no. People
    today are less well-read and less classically educated in the liberal
    arts than today. Yes, people now know more facts, but how does spending
    an amazing amount of time using iPhone, watching TV, and doing other
    routine, shallow-thought things compare to reading, studying, learning,
    conversing, discussing topics, and ruminating when having some free
    time? I would say we know more, but we aren’t wiser.

    The philosophy of the Bible is the most complex philosophy there is, and it is hard to understand like any other complicated thing without a good amount of studying. The complication could be explained by the reasoning: if the Bible’s teachings and concepts are true, then it is all encompassing, and so it’s explanation is complicated because it sets up an explanation for everything. Does it explain everything? Of course not that’s impossible. But for example, if God is everything good, as the philosophical God is as thought of by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, then everything good on earth participates in Him. Thus, the universe is not God, but it takes part in Him as far as it is good. Using philosophy such as this, the Bible makes a lot more sense than if you take a “mystical” approach to it, thinking that some things won’t make sense but we have to believe it anyway. Faith without reason is not solid. This is the Catholic Church’s view in a nutshell. Side note, the Church allows room for evolution and such.

    As for God’s existence, this is going to get complicated. Philosophically it can be answered using essence. Like I said before, God, if he is real at all, would have to be just that…GOD. Being God, logically, he would have to be all good, all knowing, etc. Everything good. Our limited thinking of why he can’t be evil is out of an understanding of evil existing. Evil is lacking goodness. God = goodness in His very essence, so he can’t be evil. Thus, God has to be good, and he has to exist. Not only that, but being existence in and of Himself, he cannot be created. Furthermore, since evil doesn’t exist, he can’t be evil. Back to existence, he can create by giving himself to other things. Anything that exists participates in God’s existence. So, the universe would exist through God.

    As for religion being a mass control mechanism…religion may definitely function that way, but that’s not the purpose. Looking at the Bible’s history, it was written by those who legitimately believed in the teachings, even to their death. Not being closed-minded, just honest, Islam is much more of a mass control mechanism. A few examples: Sura 2 in the original translation says to kill infidels, Sura 4 says to beat your wife if she won’t sleep with you, and Sura 52 prizes sex with young boys. Yeah I’m all against those things.

    As far as technological advancements, none of those will happen within the next 100 years. Trust me I’m a medical student in a family of doctors. Also, as Stephen Hawking reveals, the “singularity” solution is exactly as far away as it was 15 years ago. Operating on theory alone, they are trying to mathematically prove the string theory. Ed Witten, the accepted smartest man in the world by physicists and mathematicians, has given his life to solve it, but he hasn’t gotten anywhere yet really. The idea actually came from a formula from a scientist who had died, and he didn’t have this idea in mind.  Also, this video shows that the string theory, as accepted as it is, has literally no actual evidence:
    And his closing statement makes God sound scientifically possible. The awesomest thought I’ve had writing this statement was that the “singularity” they are looking for…it’s GOD! Literally the law of physics they are looking for could be found if they considered this, and it would be outside the realm of time and space, or the spacetime fabric.

    Also, Einstein’s law of the speed limit of the universe being the speed
    of light has been broken lately, which puts several theories back to the
    stone age. As much as we know, we don’t know so much.

  • Rainwitch

    I agree with you on that. However, it really does give you inner strength when you have a higher power to resort to. Just reading your ideas and knowing you have decided on your own to break free from the forces of christianity that is crammed down most people’s throat in some form since the day they were born, I know you are of great intelligence. There were religions that existed before christianity that worked just fine until the male domination began and females were victimized for being important healeres; the midwives were the first to be killed and accused of witchcraft which was incorrectly redefined by the christians.

    I’m not trying to pursuade you to any specific religion; but it sounds as though it would be worth your time to research the wiccan path. This religion is based on your higher power being inside of yourself and there are no scaring you tactics. It focuses on using your mental powers to the fullest to do good in the world. Since christianity society in US has been convinced for the most part to let important parts of their brain lay dormant. I personally believe this will be permanantly weakened or destroyed completely through our children, evolutionary style if we do not wake up and smell the sixth senses.

    Every person can’t be happy with the same religion. With the unorthodoxy within wiccan paths, it is easy to create your own religion while still holding to the main wiccan rede; the most important being to harm none. If you run across any information that it is ok to do harm to others or really interfere with someone’s free will, this is misinformation brought on by years of being banned from society and being redefined negatively by christians. Not hating…just stating the historical truth. Whatever path or no path you take, thank you to do good in this world. My mom is a solitaire  ecclectic hedgewitch  which means she chooses parts of different wiccan paths (such as gaelic or Gardnerian, etc.) that she likes and creates her own way of walking the old path. Solitaire because she isn’t a coven member. Living out in the country, there are no other witches around.

  • Rainwitch

    Religion is brought into politics…and other places it should not be. /respecting your right to post what you like; many people become brainwashed by religion without thinking about it. Someone may become a christian because it was taught to you as a child; in many cases, forced upon the child. And yes…taught that if you stray from the christian faith your soul will be completely destroyed…burned in hell, etc.  Of course, there are those who weren’t exactly brainwashed. They actually thought about what their faith consists of, looked into other religious concepts, and then decided christianity is truly the one they feel comfortable with. But then, since christianity teaches it is blasphemy and a big sin to even inquire about other religious faiths and become educated enough to make your own decision, I’d say that definitely is an attempt at brainwashing . I’m not slamming christian people so hope you aren’t taking it personal. Christianity has some good morals within its teachings and christians do a lot of great work. My point is, their teachings are meant to keep you ignorant and keep you from thinking for yourself…you are just supposed to believe as you are told by christian churches or read the Bible, decipher it as best you can, and not question any parts of it, lest you be in contempt of God. You might want to ask yourself also who the hell is King James…and why does he have his own “version” of the Bible? Even witches acknowledge Jesus walked the Earth…where he came from is a bit of a debate that I leave alone. Mostly because I don’t know.

    I question the content and wherefores of everything. That’s just me…but Ij believe that scriptures and material held sacred by many faiths have been tampered with injustly.  Consider the fact that reincarnation used to be a part of christianity until virtually all mention of reincarnation and karma were edited out of the Bible at the second council of Constantinople in 553 CE. However, the Gnostic gospels which were discovered in 1945 and were thought to have been written about one hundred years after Christ’s birth speak quite clearly of reincarnation and karma. Interesting things to research about…but please don’t think I am the devil incarnate and trying to make you question your faith and walk other paths and forsake all that is holy to you. Do whatever you will…just be sure that none is harmed as you speak your words upon those who do not see as you do. Blessings to you, dear soul.

  • Rainwitch

    Most witches become healers in one way or another. It would not surprise me if you were to be interested in some area of healing. I feel this as I read your words. If you are not, think about that.

  • Anonymous

    @217af115d9bd1b3571a4f2faca5751cc:disqus that sounds very interesting. I’ll def. research into the subject of Wiccan and related paths, I’m starting to see all of these things as ways that people explored to get the best of their inner power into some sort of dogma, ritual, doctrine, whatever you may call it.

    It’s like If I found a way to center my mind, focus, and then I wrote down a recipe for others to be able to do the same.

    I personally find that strength in looking at all the stuff I’ve been able to overcome in my life and realizing that these things have happened not because of some divine intervention but because me and others decided to act. (A pair of hands working can do a whole lot more than 1,000 praying)

    I’m loving this thread. It gives me hope that we can all talk like civilized persons, it all started with a very insulting tone, but little by little we all figured out that we are all thinking and smart human beings, I hope we’ve learned a bit from each other’s perspectives.

  • Arkansaslsu

    I appreciate both your comments. A large misunderstanding and interpretation of the Bible or Scripture by the Protestant movement led to the belief that you are damned if you are of a different religion. THIS IS FALSE if you’re a Catholic. Trust me I was a Catholic seminarian for a while, and this is coming from Pope John Paul II.
    Catholic religion in a nutshell if using logic:
    -there is truth, and only one thing is true for a simple statement such as Does God exist?
    -in philosophy, the study of wisdom and truth, God is omnipotent and all-good
    -so, either God exists or He doesn’t exist (if we can’t agree on the fact that truth exists, then as Plato put it, you aren’t worth my time)
    -if he does, then there aren’t multiple subjective religions that are correct
    -either one is correct and others can be partly correct inasmuch as they coincide with the entirely correct religion, or multiple religions are flawed and none are correct, or none are correct but God exists, or God doesn’t exist
    -of course, Catholics believe God exists, and He is the God of the Bible and of the Jews
    -also, Catholics believe that people of other religions can get into heaven, and this is dependent upon how much they are Catholic, WHICH IS DONE in many ways, but basically it means BEING A GOOD PERSON. So, if you don’t kill people, that good, if you love people, that’s good, because God is all-good

    So, logic and thinking for yourself and being reasonable is good in our eyes. Not good = saying people that don’t have blind faith are going to hell. I am sorry for these people, they push people away from religion. The Catholic Church calls this causing “Derision of the Gentiles,” which means when we say false things about our faith and judge it gives people who aren’t believers in out faith reason to doubt us

    AND, JEWS and CHRISTIANS NEVER believed in re-incarnation

    I won’t comment on the Wiccan stuff because I don’t know much about it.

    Yeah this is good stuff.

  • Yessir

    shut the fuck up with your broad interpretation. maybe he just thought the picture was dope as fuck? or maybe it’s deeper than that. no one needs you to get all fucking hippy and liberal with your feelings on “what” it represents, when in fact you have no idea what the author had in mind when he picked the picture.

  • Oh NO

    Neither do u know the intrepretation but didnt stop you from commenting did it? Your no different then the person u attacked. I only wish people would take in consideration others more than themselves. Im sure if u had a five year old daughter do u honestly think she would say mommy daddy this picture is pretty.Proably not. But u will most likely comment some sarcastic ignorant answer like whatever she likes..they same reasoning behind child prostitution no thought process of how to protect them just feed ur own desires.Unfortunate your mind set can go no broader then ur likes and desires.Your words not mine.only showed how shallow thinking u truely are.Last time i checked protecting the eyes and minds of children did not fall under the heading liberal and hippy.You are the type  the rest of us have to be conscerned about in  living in this worldr a free for all anything goes.If it feels good do it.Never considering the flip side to that and to think i have to be tolerant of your kind.Sidebar of wisdom not that u may absorb this now, but thers hope.People of minimal intelligence cannot communicate effectively with thier words (could be lack of understanding the language one speaks) revert to cursing. Really cursing for effect.Low on the genepool are we?

  • Oh No

    Finally people who can debate their own opinion with kindness and respect for one another. In this age of ignorance your honesty is quite refreshing.Indeed this is how we effect change.Wow no cursing im impressed

  • Anonymous

    congrats, 150,000 downloads. That’s like 2 football fields full of people.

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