The cover for Like a Coffee might look like one of those bossa nova records you see lying around in the Starbucks counter, but fact is, this compilation is far from anything bossa nova. The record is a tipsy, indie grunge rock affair from three guys from Montpellier, France.

Kursed has been around since 2003. Thanks to their art rock/experimental sound they’re easily winning listeners left and right. This is the second record for the band. Their first album, Psychotic Lowland, was a success; obtaining great reviews from listeners in Jamendo. Like a Coffee is much like their predecessor, only a bit more tighter and incorporates more experimental sounds in the process.

Like a Coffee is a teaser of sorts for the full album. The actual 15-track record is available for purchase only but the boys were kind enough to give their listeners a taste by handing out this 6-track compilation absolutely free.

Opening with Perfect Mean, the song begins with a coffee jazz vibe that’s a bit misleading since it essentially transforms into an indie hipster affair in the next few minutes. This is one of the stronger tracks on the record, involving whispery rock vocals and a really cool beat. The boys mainly sing in English too, allowing their French accents to add a nice touch to the song. On the other hand, second single, Abort Me, is more experimental and trippy. For this one, the boys pulled back and showcased their slow, melodic side. It reminds me of The Verve in several instances what with the drawly vocals and the somber atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Generation and Matafuka, clearly expresses the bands love for grunge. They turn the volume up a notch; sound off jangly guitars, heavy drumming and warbly/incoherent vocals with these two songs. They cap this short teaser album with Not Hidden. Kursed switches it up again with this one, incorporating a gypsy folk, country fair sound.

The album is quite interesting. It mixes a lot of different elements yet making them all work as if they were meant to be paired together in the first place. I just hope their full record is just as intriguing. Give this one a listen.

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