Inch Chua is a talented singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist (yep, she does it all) coming to us straight from Singapore. As an opening act for both Katy Perry & Vampire Weekend, and a first Singapore solo artist to be invited to the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas, she has already established herself as a tough act to follow and a musician with a bright future.

Her sound stands in the crossroads between early Gwen Stefani and Lisa Loeb, and her little creations will certainly make you sway left and right as you switch between the lovely melodies of Wallflower, the latest full album.

From the very start while listening to the album it becomes clear that Chua’s enchanting, delicate yet playful voice will take over the songs in the most welcoming of ways.
Beginning with the short orchestra-feel instrumental piece the artist quickly takes us on a little journey through Mt. Epiphany. With the opening reminding me of the early sounds of Architecture in Helsinki, the track features a great mix of instruments, quirky additions of old school computer game sounds, and vocals that just might make you want to sing again.

Although most of songs come dressed up in lovely, upbeat melodies ready to cheer up your day, Wallflower, just as any other good records is filled with diverse sounds and influences.
Those come in the shape of Return Of The Fat Cat, with the melodies strongly influenced by the electro pop, 8bit, and some rock guitars; acoustic indie feel of Red Dot; and traditional Asian sounds gracefully introducing the record’s title track. Wallflower is a truly unique song, and one of my favorites, with a handful of mesmerizing vocals and acoustic guitars playing softly in the background as Chua’s voice gradually takes over.

There is, however, one more track that become my instant favorite. Hurt, as seen in the video below, is a gorgeous indie song unlike anything I have ever heard. Much more soft and laid back than the previous cuts, the song sweeps in a little bit of mystery, deep thought, and eerie sounds all while showcasing Chua’s guitar work and superb command of her vocal capabilities.
The video also makes up for a beautiful backdrop of the official website of the artist, so make sure to visit.

Do you still need something that will convince you of Inch Chua’s vocal skills? Than make sure to press play on the video below and enjoy the magical sounds accompanied by the piano work of the Iron Man himself.

Wallflower is currently offered as a pay-what-you-want/free download, so go ahead and get your very own copy. You never know Inch Chua might just be the next big thing.

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