Go Ask Alice‘s latest release through netlabel La Bél is a genre-defying tour de force. Through layers upon layers of wonderfully-textured instrumentation and an obsessive focus on patient, slow build-ups, the band elevates each track to a dramatic height not often seen with such quality of execution. With this release, Go Ask Alice present a rock lover’s dream mixed with some of the best sci-fi oriented soundscapes of the year. A treat for the ears and the mind, flowing with seemingly endless inspiration from its interpreters.

Texture work lies at the heart of what Go Ask Alice set out to accomplish with this record, tracks such as The Sudden Dream and Circles provide an ethereal, weightless feel, blurring the sense of time while being oddly pleasant rides in their own imaginary lands. Memories of a Sunny Square cleverly combines the space-opera feel seen in other tracks with the band’s Rock DNA, resulting in a seven-minute epic worthy of its cinematic feel. Intermission and ssssun! are other great examples of this style for those looking to experience it further. The heavier side of the band shines through in the outlier Capricorn, its strong guitars and deep synths replaced later in the reprised version the title refers to with ‘bonus nightmare’. However, the best example of the most energetic cuts lies in Supernova, a joyful progressive rock gem featuring expansive guitar and synth combinations, intertwined in a plethora of breathtaking melodies.

Go Ask Alice have truly shown their maturity with their sophomore effort, expressing their intent to become a force to be reckoned with the old fashioned way: putting out an amazing record and letting the world drown in it. From our experience, Ten Little Dreams is enough for that purpose and then some. Download for free and discover what may be your new favorite band. Few deals are better than that.

Favorite tracks: The Sudden Dream, Supernova, Memories of a Sunny Square, Circle.


1. The sudden dream 06:36
2. Capricorn 04:50
3. Circle 05:25
4. Memories of a sunny square (to Aureliano) 07:13
5. 1979 … and it’s forever 05:02
6. 491250 05:20
7.Intermission 03:31
8. ssssun! 06:37
9. Supernova (Nova alternate take) 03:13
10. Born again(st) 07:15
11. Capricorn (reprise) 01:46

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