Whipping out a fresh sound that’s equal parts sexy and catchy, newcomer Devyn Rose is looking to claim a piece of the R&B pop princess pie.

From the sound of her debut record, this doesn’t seem far fetched. D.E.V.Y.N combines sultry dance club numbers along with some slow and beautiful tracks. And now we are more than excited to have her here with us over at FrostClick and FrostWire.

A deadly combination of beauty, brains and talent; the singer has been around the business for some time. After releasing her first mixtape back in 2008 (Move Over Paris Hilton, There’s a New It Girl,) her fanbase soared and even earned her the title of R&B Remix Queen.

After years of refining her own voice, she’s ready to share the results in this self-titled debut. D.E.V.Y.N puts forward 6 tracks that embodies the singer’s soul, so to speak. Flourishing with smooth R&B cuts, you’ll find the record appropriate for fun club parties down to quiet, romantic night outs with your partner.

Starting with a short intro, Devyn assures you’ll be in good hands for the rest of the compilation. Heartbeat, officially starts the EP and it does so in a wonderful tone. Devyn’s voice is both playful yet expressive in this sweet and slow single.

Following closely, Pieces, injects a bit of energy into the record. It’s not really a full-on dance number but you’ll easily find yourself feeling the sway of this mid-tempo R&B cut. After taking the slower route in the first few tracks, Devyn, showcases her versatility in , Whipped. Evoking powerful beats to accompany her unique vocals, the song thrusts a rougher and raw sound. It’s the jagged edges that makes this cut a delight to listen to.


If you’re looking for edgy yet sweet R&B music to indulge in, you can’t go wrong with this one. Yes, there are still little tweaks needed here and there but the platform is already there. Take a listen to Dream if you want to get a sliver of Devyn’s sound. Grab the free download and enjoy!

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