Andres Puche is the lead singer of HolySexyBastards (we reviewed their previous album right here on the HolySexyBastards) and in his first solo album he gives us a whole new side of his musical brain or alterego. Sur is a record that goes around folk, pop, cuban trova, psychedelic sounds and even shades of hip hop. His influences do vary, and his album can sound alike Tame Impala and Silvio Rodriguez all at once.

Sur is an experimental album, but it also shows that Andres always knew what he was doing; he knew how he would like it to sound for the audience. Sometimes in this kind of work author can get lost trying to mix a lot of genres or influences but in this case he mastered that trick. The very same album gives us a hip hop track with an Argentinian Rapper singing and then a very beautiful and intimate love song without getting lost on the way.

This is a very honest album, one of those rare finds that you are always hoping to find and get lost in the magic. One that should be in your mind from the moment you press play.

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The Album:

Mi Hogar:
This reminds me of Jorge Drexler’s lyrics and that is one hell of a compliment. Everything in this song seems perfect: the melody, the simple but yet amazing guitar riff and well, what every song needs to keep you singing all day long; a great and catchy chorus. There are amazing things you can master with just a guitar and your voice.

This song has the best keyboard riff of the album. Andres Puche plays with English and Spanish smoothly throughout the song and closes the chorus in a very smart way attaching some cool lyrics that fit perfectly with the melody. Nowadays the power of a great melody is underrated but this is exactly what makes us hooked on the song. We are living in an era that gives more space to songs that make us dance, and we are forgetting the power and importance of ones that make us stop moving for a while. Andres Puche’s Sur show us that for him, it is still very important.

This is a very personal album that has some great stories. It made me learn things about myself and when music does that to you, it is because it was made from the heart.


Track Listing
1. Sombra o luz
2. Op meit
3. Peligrosa
4. Without you there’s no I
5. Sur
6. Mi hogar
7. EscĂșchame
8. Carmen
9. Serpiente
10. Hambre de juventud
11. Baile

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