Dave “Doobie” Aaron is back on FrostWire with his latest release, The Land of 3’s.
Video after the break to learn everything about this new production

The last album released on FrostWire titled “Doobie” was a fretless bass album, no guitars in it, this time around guitars are back, and the production has been more refined and recorded in three different studios.

The awesome Glenn Grossman is back on the drums, also on the drums another demigod Mr. Compton Timberwolf, Joss Selan also on drums, and then Dave did both guitars and bass.

Track List
34:40, 17 tracks

01. Hello
02. Day Shall Come Again
03. Lonely After Dark
04. Welcome
05. Roll The Weed (Pour The Wine)
06. To
07. Let’s Dance
08. Flowers for Guns
09. The
10. Crying In The Rain
11. Land
12. 96 Degrees (In The Shade)
13. Of
14. I Want Blood
15. 3’s
16. Sand Without A Home
17. Fair Well Thee All

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