Open-source software, Creative Commons & free culture of sharing, collaboration and remixing on the web is all what FrostClick/FrostWire are about, therefore we proudly present you with the “Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of Their Own” by the widely acclaimed David Bollier.

Reporting from the heart of this “free culture” movement, journalist and activist David Bollier provides the first comprehensive history of the attempt by a global brigade of techies, lawyers, artists, musicians, scientists. businesspeople, innovators, and geeks of all stripes to create a digital republic committed to freedom and innovation. Viral Spiral—the term Bollier coins to describe the almost magical process by which Internet users can come together to build online commons and tools-brilliantly interweaves the disparate strands of this eclectic movement. The story describes major technological developments and pivotal legal struggles, as well as fascinating profiles of hacker Richard Stallman, copyright scholar Lawrence Lessig, and other colorful figures.

The current world of digital media is developing and changing at such a fast pace that sometimes it is difficult to see the broad picture and fully understand how everything is connected. Bollier goes through the history of the commons movement showing how all what’s happened and happening right now will shape the future internet culture and affect our daily lives.

Viral Spiral will likely establish itself as a definitive guide for those seeking to understand and discover the key players and concepts in the digital commons.”
—Fred Benenson, Creative Comons

In the spirit of Creative Commons, New Press has authorized the a free pdf download of this book. If any of you prefer to read your books on paper, there is a hard copy of the book available for purchase from Amazon and other fine bookstores.

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