ESPSIX is a DJ/Composer from Czech Republic. He generally creates varieties of Discohouse, Funkyhouse, Clubhouse, Electrohouse, but has recently started experimenting with nujazz/nufunk as well. This collection was put together especially for FrostClick & FrostWire and includes two special tracks. “Me” is the newest nujazz/funk composition & “Discore” is the newest discohouse track, which right now is exclusively available only with this collection via FrostWire download.

UPDATE: ESPSIX’s track “Discore” was included on FrostWire FrostClick 2009 Compilation Album Volume 1 celebrating the first 1,000,000 downloads of 2009.

ESPSIX is not a novice to music production, but does not consider himself a professional either (he works at an Ecological Organization during the day). He says he started composing about 3 years ago on a simple DJ Software running on Linux. Now he is using FL Studio utilizing free and/or creative commons beats. “I love house music. It’s a very spiritual thing for me; a body thing; a soul thing; deep from the roots.”, says ESPSIX. He is also not your typical DJ – he doesn’t perform in clubs – he is more of a composer creating house music and giving it to whomever wants to hear it. He distributes it free online on websites like Jamendo, social networking sites, internet radios and believes that “free” music will become more and more popular. I definitely hope so!

One of the reasons we liked this DJ so much (of curse aside from his music) is precisely the fact that he has licensed all his compositions under the Creative Commons from the very beginning and is a big supporter of open and free culture of sharing information and entertainment on the web. You can listen to this collection for free, share it with friends and remix. If create any derivative works, remember to share under the same license and give him credit. If you would like to use it commercially, you have to contact him for licensing details (and no, it is not free if you intend to make money on it!).

Let us know what you think the future of “free” music will be. Do you think artists giving away music for non-commercial use have a viable business model? Leave a comment below – I would love to know what’s your point of view.

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