Dizzypad is a pretty cool free iPad/iPhone game that you’ll surely get addicted to. The game was created by Nimblebit, the same company that developed the wildly popular Pocket Frogs.

If you’re familiar with Koi Pond and Doodle Jump, Dizzypad is touted as a hybrid of both. It combines the beautiful and serene atmosphere of the former with the insane, precision gameplay of the latter; giving birth to an exciting game that’s plenty of fun to play.

Your main objective is basically to jump from one lily pad to another without falling into the water. If you’re thinking this is too simple, well, in a way it is. Nevertheless, you’re in for a treat once you give it a go.

Jumping from one pad to another might seem boring but it’s actually a pretty challenging game. You see, your little dizzy frog doesn’t just jump on static lillies; they actually spin around. This is where your timing and precision is tested. Whenever you miss the pad and hit the water, you lose a life. Hence, it’s all about tapping at the right moment so your frog can leap over and land perfectly onto the next pad.

The nice thing with Dizzypad is that it also caters to those who are a little more gutsy. For instance, there are moments wherein you’ll have the chance to completely bypass one lily pad and jump directly to the next one. If you pull this off safely, the game rewards you with an extra life.¬†For those obsessive types who must unlock and explore every single nook and cranny of the game, it provides unlockable skins which you can collect to make your little buddy look awesome.

In the end, Dizzypad has everything you need. The game has amazing graphics as well as great sound effects. Plus, its simple gameplay is something you’ll definitely enjoy. Try it out!

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