One day, I wanted to use my webcam for two instant messaging programs even though I knew that wasn’t possible. Frustrated, I stumbled upon ManyCam a few days later, and we were a match made in heaven.

ManyCam is the answer to the problem of most people who want to use their webcam in several applications have. It acts as a virtual camera for multiple applications at the same time offering many additional features on top of it. You can change your background, appear as if it’s snowing in your room, put on funny masks, draw on your webcam and many more.

Here are some features of ManyCam:

  • Use one webcam with all your applications at the same time
  • Add text, masks, eyes, hats, hair styles and other graphics
  • Doodle on your webcam video
  • Use photos, video clips as streaming video for your webcam
  • Broadcast your desktop as a whole, or just a part of it
  • Change your background from static to dynamic
  • Change your webcam output’s color
  • Make snapshots from your webcam
  • Downloadable effects via the official website

Think of it this way: YourWebcam-ManyCam-YM/Skype/MSN/GoogleTalk.

ManyCam's InterfaceI actually use ManyCam all the time – even if I don’t use my webcam for more than one program. It’s fun playing with the available effects and changing the colors. I personally like how you can choose which video source you want to use as your webcam. You can show video clips to your friends without holding your camera or even use your web cam to transmit the picture from our screen. It’s a very useful tool when you want to teach somebody how to do something on a computer when you can’t be in one room.

Another nice thing about ManyCam is its 3D masks. It isn’t your usual mask, which just follows your face, but 3D one follows your face even when you turn left or right. You can even customize your own effects and upload it to the ManyCam community.

Don’t worry – it’s Windows and Mac friendly!

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