Ever wonder who’s tracking your move everytime you press a button or visit a website online? Ghostery is a cool free program for Mac, Linux and Windows that’ll help you find out who’s keeping an eye on you.

The program is designed to track down anybody or mostly companies, that track down our every movement on the web. From the type of websites we visit or maybe the kind of books we buy at Amazon, most of these companies collect our data for marketing purposes.

You can easily install this simple software for either Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE.¬†Grab the download and find out who’s been following your every move.
One of the nicest things about this little software is that you won’t even know it’s there. It’s unobtrusive and pretty much stays out of your way. Once it’s enabled, Ghostery shows up as a tiny little window on the upper right-hand corner or simply as an icon in your taskbar. Everytime you open up a site that is advertising supported or ones that automatically track your every move, the program instantly lists them out.

Of course, this can become a bit tiring since most websites today do support advertisers. Nevertheless, it’s a great way of knowing who’s following you while checking out websites online.

The nice thing though is that if you spot a tracker that you don’t like or simply cautious, you can instantly block them with just one click. This will prevent them from harvesting your information.

Overall, the program is certainly helpful especially if you are worried about online safety. It’s unobtrusive most of the time so it’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for something to keep these trackers at bay.

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