Sometime back Facebook decided to give an all-new look to the chat area. After the sudden layout redesign, many of Facebook users were not that happy about the change, many wishing they could bring the old set up back.

Now, the Sidebard Disabler browser plug-in can revert all the changes and bring back the good old Facebook layout back on your screen.

The problem the the ever-changing FB layouts is that you simply can not retrograde the changes itself and your only solution is to be happy and live with the “upgrades”; even when you feel they are confusing, lack-luster, or simply quite annoying to use.

Sidebar Disabler was put together to solve one of such changes by allowing users to revert to the old layout. This is a really cool browser extension, that just needs an installation and Voila! – you are back to the good-old chat box. Bringing back all the personalized and customized lists back-in-action, direct profile-link access via the chat box itself, and idle mode notifier against your name.

The Fb Chat Sidebar Disabler is developed by VittGam and available on various browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. After the installation only a page refresh is needed to kick-in the changes. It’s that easy!

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