If you’re like me and you just hate having to use small keyboards when typing messages on your smart phone or computer, then go ahead and give Speak-A-Message a try. Even though most of us are already adept and have no problems typing away in front of our little gadgets all day, there are those who prefer to just talk and record a message for one reason or another.

With this nifty tool, it’s easier to send voice messages or transcribe a spoken message into text  and send it off as an email. It’s a great piece of software to have if you have typing problems too.

The program offers an unlimited home edition that features all the basic requirements you need.

Speak-A-Message contains tons of great features. As mentioned, the main function of the program is to record voice messages and enable users to send this off as emails. The recipients can opt between listening to the audio mail or simply reading off a transcription of the message.

One of the nice things about the software is that it has great compression capabilities; turning a 4-minute audio into merely 500kb. The quality of the audio is also quite good and doesn’t have any problems playing in most audio players. When it comes to identifying a file, the author can input his name and a title for easy identification. For sensitive subject matter, the file can be marked as private to alert the recipient.

If you use outlook regularly, the program easily integrates itself into the menu for easier access. It’s  also possible to attach voice notes, comments and even recordings of talks to MS Word documents and powerpoints.

This licensed freeware works on Windows7, Vista and Windows XP. Even though the interface might be a bit old-fashioned, it manages to get the job done. Speak-A-Message might not be for everyone but it is a very useful tool for anybody who has trouble typing or simply prefers voice messages to text.

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