Teaming up to create this exciting hip hop extravaganza, Ski Team and State of the Artist ensures listeners will be pleased with their recent collaboration effort.

Both outfits have worked together before but they’ve decided to bring it up a notch by delivering this 12-track compilation with the help of some of the most talented MCs in their roster.

Slopes is filled with great party jams and mad rhymes from the SOTA (State of the Artist) boys. 

Released about a year ago, the album is packed with smooth R&B and hip hop tracks that mingle to create a solid set of tunes.

You’ll find a great opener in, Black. It opens with sensuous saxophones before launching into a midtempo beat; making it ideal for quiet evenings where you can just unwind and take your time on everything. A few other tracks to make a beeline for, include Firework, High in the Air and the very 80s television-soundtrack sounding, Lifelike.

Working together, the boys achieve a nice balance. Ski Team provides some of the best instrumental beats and coupled with expert rap skills from Parker Joe, HY and Thaddeus, they transform regular singles into a special piece. Expect to find plenty of light synths, delightful piano work, light snares and beautiful samples sprinkled here and there.

Slopes definitely deserves a grab. It’s currently offered at a name-your-price option so make sure to download it before it expires. It’ll be worth it.

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