Chicktionary is essentially TextTwist with chickens. For the uninitiated, TextTwist is a popular word game that was created by GameHouse and runs in Java.

Chicktionary is similar to TextTwist in that you have to come up with words using a provided set of letters. The only difference with this one is that you get clucking chickens who “hatch” the letters to form the words.

Created by Blockdot. Inc, the game used to be offered for $1.99 when it first came out but currently it’s being offered for free on the App Store. If you’re up for some fun and maybe testing your vocabulary.

Ever since it was released, the game has won legions of fans. In the game, you have to unscramble a bunch of letters and create as many words from them as possible. All you have to do is tap the hens with the letters you want so you can easily form a word. Press enter once you have what you want. Submitting and creating as many words as you can will help earn more points.

If you hit a bump on the road or suffer from “wordblock,” then shake your iPad around and it will shuffle all the letters, giving you a fresh take on what’s there. You can also go for the manual approach and select each hen in order to move them around. There are also additional tasks like searching for the hidden Easter Eggs.

Graphics for the game is pretty good and there are plenty of surprising little quirks that you’ll certainly enjoy.

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