The Employment (El Empleo) goes to a deeper level when it comes to the meaning of the human workforce.

Directed by Santiago Grasso and written by Patricio Plaza, this brilliant five-minute animation produced by Opusbou Animations had already garnered 100 international awards and participated in 190 film festivals.

It tells the story of a nameless working man performing his usual journey to work set in a bizarre world where human beings are used as inanimate objects. This simple yet strong representation convey the tedious nature of each job and how we utilize man power in the modern era.

The film thoroughly explores the subject of human workforce connecting it to day-to-day reality. The filmmakers successfully executed structured images to present a unifying idea relatable to the audience. 

Overall, it’s a candy treat for the film buffs–great idea and brilliant execution rolled into one. It will delight the eye and engage the mind showcasing clever images blended with social consciousness.

The short film is a refreshing take on animation compared to its main-stream counterparts. It’s simple, tight and profound. It clearly showed the involvement of a bigger workforce behind the machines that makes our life easier.

The Employment is indeed a distinctive fresh addition to the genre, proving that it only takes a clever mind to convey a complex message. So sit back, press play and indulge in this highly-recommended animation.

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