Plunge your mind in another classical piece with A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

A prolific author of short stories, plays, novellas, novels, and fiction, Charles Dickens is considered as one of the greatest writers of the Victorian period. He was known for his remarkable characters, realism, mastery of prose and depictions of social classes.

Set within the fiery backdrop of French revolution, the story revolves around the lives of Lucie Manette, Charles Darnay, Sydney Carton and the struggles that tested their personal loyalty, friendship and communion during turbulent times.

Dickens writing reaches grand proportions in this tale. It offers a little bit of everything, from madness, love, forgiveness, revenge to melodrama. I love how it was flawlessly written with a touch of sly humor and interesting characters that only Dickens’ mind can conceive. It’s a mystery novel that’s complex and travels along diverse social classes and nations, but in the end, it all makes sense.

All in all, A Tale of Two Cities is that kind of book that grows beautifully as you progress through each page. Try to read it, it’s definitely worth your time.

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