In Hip Hop, it’s always been refreshing when a certain artist takes a new approach on a worn-out subject. In 4:20 The Album, hip hop and r&b sensation London transposes the idea of drugs into different soundscapes.

Influenced with a cohesive theme, What You Smoking On welcomes the listener with heart-pumping drum beats. London’s stellar vocals blend smoothly with danceable beats.

Title track 4:20 follows with a touch of reggae. The repetitive lyrics were designed for the listeners to have a sneak peek on what’s inside the mind of a loaded person.

In Mary Jane, London has the bold agenda to parallel drugs with love. Layered vocals add a distinct high atmosphere to the track. Pass It (To The Left), on the other hand, showcase an addict’s frustration and eagerness. I admire how he uses the sexy, soothing arrangement of r&b tunes to tone down its subject, making it more appealing to fans.

Sativa closes with louder drum beats and fluttering electronic tunes. In this collection, London has created a world that sounds great and holds the listeners within.

One standout feature of this album is its ability to blend and rejuvenate the subject matter in a way that solicits both emotion and head nodding. It paints a mind map of emotions and thoughts while under the influence of drugs.

All in all, 4:20 The Album is a forward-sounding six-track collection with a lot of fine moments. Well done.

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