If hip hop was all about raw talent, Raging Moses would definitely be in the spotlight many times over. Featuring solid rap skills, dope samples and beats that’s incorporated with positive lyrics, it’s hard not to find inspiration in his songs. Although not much is posted about the artist himself, in a way, you can take his music to speak for him.

Blue Sweats Red Dirt is the second BandCamp release from the artist but it’s the first one he’s offering as a free download. His initial album, When Kings Go To War, is a full record that’s offered for purchase on the page as well.

His songs carefully blend a beautiful set of beats, that’s marked with skillful use of samples. He’s worked with material from iconic groups like Wu-Tang and The Fugees. You’ll find that much of his material narrates his personal faith and tackles his personal thoughts on certain issues.

Some of my personal picks from the record include Ready (which samples The Fugees’ Ready Or Not;) Elevated, Successful as well as the eye-opening, Little Ghetto Boys. Apart from the beats, Raging Moses’ lyrics pretty much define his sound. His expressive words and honest thoughts about faith is refreshing in a genre where cussing/violence and everything in between is often front and center.

In the end, the album isn’t really for everyone although honestly, it’s a nice compilation to listen to. It’s more than just skill and great music, it’s filled with positivity, something we could all use more of.

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