Easystreet combines flawless arrangements with haunting instrumentation in International Superstar. This electro dance album features ten tracks that are perfect anthems for your most glittering life moments.

Hailing from San Francisco, Easystreet is composed of Micheal Blitzen (vocals) and Velvet Chang (synths/machine/beats). Upon listening to the duos music, there are evident traces of the early 80s disco pop, and the raw energy of rave and punk rock.

International Supernatural welcomes with an almost empty chime-like sound, slowly building to a jungle electro beats. The touch of subtle, ghostly vocals results in a gloomy but attractive atmosphere.

There is a gentle uplifting of mood in More Than A Machine (To Me), an upbeat track with a disco/punk sensibility. Press play and let its quirky sound treat your ears.

Taking on a club vibe, GoldTheme is the perfect party anthem. The natural rhytm of the song is upbeat and soothing enough to give you a psychedelic high on the dance floor. Love Can’t Make Me Cry, on the other hand, showcase a fusion of big beats combined with an eccentric instrumentation. Blitzen’s vocal sounds really sexy hear as he lingers on every perfect note.

Tracks like Robotobahn, Rocket Vacation, and Long Nights Hard Nights takes disco music to another level. I love how Chang twist, tweaks, and overhaul conventional tunes into something sonically brilliant.

Lastly, the duo closes up the album with Red Light Fantansy. Rapid drum beats and ethereal vocals create an interesting and dynamic mix that are edgy, modern, and smooth.

All in all, Easystreet is not your ordinary band next door. This duo offers a lot of talent and a unique musical flavor. In International Supernatural, they have proven that they are brave enough to test foreign waters and made something brilliant out of it.

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