Banquise is one of those groups that you wish you know more about. Playing a soft electro pop sound,  the group is as much a mystery as they are a delight.

There’s hardly anything to be found online about them. Save for a sparse Facebook profile and a BandCamp page with nothing but just music and hardly any info, it’s hard to find out more about this group.

One thing that matters though is that their sound is delightful to listen to, with swirls of pianos, synths and a soft relaxing feel enveloped in between. 

This quaint self-titled compilation starts off with,  Magic Moment. It’s a mellow, love song most of the time but also resonates a dreamy soft indie sound. The track is accompanied by sweet, falsetto-like vocals that recalls to mind early 80s love songs, minus the cheesiness.

On the other, La Cadence is a cut with great percussion and vocal work. Upbeat and moody, the song combines male and female vocals intertwining to create a cocktail club ready single. Bad Guys, echo a tropical reggae beat. It seems like a track that should be enjoyed with cocktail drinks on one hand.

The rest of the songs are a healthy mix of electronic indie pop with a slight dance, occasionally, alternative touch. It’s a great album to check for those who love cool laid back music. Even if there’s not much about the singers, you can bet that their sound more than makes up for it. Take a listen and grab the download if you like what you hear.

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