This lo-fi acoustic record is a compilation of some of the best songs by Dead Bugs. Magical Animals is a dreamy, folk record that is both moody and very relaxing. The songs were carefully chosen from the artists entire musical history and compiled in one great record by Italian indie netlabel, KillMommyRecords.

This New Jersey artists offers some of the most melodic, acoustic folk you’ll hear. It’s topped off with his really endearing vocals, making you just want to cuddle and listen.

If you adore indie folk, then you’ll simply have a place in your heart for this singer.

The record gathers up 15 tracks that will certainly make you want to relax and enjoy this sweet compilation, one song after another. Magical Animals opens up with the synth infused cut, Boulevard. This track nicely combines the artists’ mellow vocals with a high-pitched electronic sound. It provides a nice contrast along with simple keyboard/piano work in the background.

Photograph is a beautifully accompanied track that features great guitar picking. Again, the artists’ voice adds more to deepen the beauty of the song. Meanwhile, Candles in the Window, ┬áis an amazing single worth checking out. This one showcases a raw and intimate emotion that makes you feel as if the singer just picked up his guitar and started singing with friends.

Overall, this simple record is perfect for cozy afternoons and moody nights where you just feel like taking a breather from your hectic work life.

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