Dashy Crashy from Dumpling Design is an endless runner where the goal is to get your vehicle as far as possible without any crashes. The premise should be familiar to you, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is still a lot of fun. If you can’t get enough of endless runner games then this is worth checking out.

There are vehicles on both sides, so swipe left and right to avoid them. The other vehicles also change lanes but they give warning signs so there’s ample time for you to move. But that’s only part of the challenge because there are also speeding cars, large trucks and pile ups that could send your car crashing.

The cars that do get hit have a tendency to fly all over the place, and any of those pieces could strike you so be careful. For these reasons it’s best not to go full throttle all the time and slow / brake when the situation calls for it. As you progress through Dashy Crashy you’ll be able to unlock other vehicles with special features (greater acceleration, stronger, faster turning etc.).

When you load the game you’re going to see your vehicle running, but don’t be surprised as that’s only a demo. To actually start the game, swipe the screen and you’re off. Overall this is nice if you just want a casual game you can quickly get into without a ton of menus or instructions to follow. While Dashy Crashy is an endless runner, it’s got its own appeal.

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